Steven L. Nguyen, LMT

Massage Therapist

Steven L. Nguyen, LMT

Steven is a Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from Pacific College of Health and Science (PCHS). He also holds a certification in Peri-Natal Massage from the prominent Kiera Nagle, LMT, and has been trained in Yinova’s Reproductive Health Bodywork Program.

With over ten years of experience in various modalities of manual manipulation, Steven’s extensive experiences have lead him to recognize that pain and discomfort are complex phenomena that can have many causes and elicit different effects throughout the mind, body, and spirit. As a result, his treatment plans are always approached holistically and are tailored to the individual. His understanding and expertise allow Steven to assist many individuals in alleviating their pain and regaining comfort to achieve their highest quality of life.

Steve is currently finishing up his Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine at PCHS. In addition to his passion for pursuing education, he also values teaching and passing on his experiences to future practitioners. Presently, he is a Teacher Assistant for PCHS’s highly established Massage Program, focusing on Tui Na and Integrated East & West Massage courses. Furthermore, he is a tutor for Massage Therapy Theory, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine Theory, Chinese Herbology, and Biosciences.

Throughout his life, Steven has had a rich background of experiences. He has studied various forms of martial arts since a very young age. During his adolescent years, he engaged in many forms of movements and dance. However, one of his most significant accomplishments was when he was an internationally competitive athlete participating in the traditional water racing sport of Dragonboat. In 2010, he was awarded the silver medal in the World Cup Crew Championship in Macau. He became a part of the first New York team to ever bring home a finalist medal in a major international Dragonboat competition. As a result, Steven understands the significance of body, mind, spirit and its importance in health and wellness. Through his vast experiences in movement and sports, he also understands the limitations of pain and how it can limit an individual’s highest quality of life. Thus, his journey to explore the vast complex concepts of pain and helping others began.

Steven graduated from CUNY Baruch College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Science with a Minor in Psychology, Cum Laude. Throughout his undergraduate career, he conducted many genetic and environmental pieces of research. He was also a Physical Therapy Aide and a Certified Pharmacy Technician for many years. Alongside his rich history of Western medicine and science, he studied traditional acupressure under the distinguished Master Simon Woo for over ten years. Furthermore, Steven was personally mentored and interned under the renowned Moshe Heller.

Steven loves to practice archery, rock climbing, martial arts, as well as explore the vast connection and correlations of the universe and life in his spare time.

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