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Yinova: Poised for Expansion

We’re really excited to share with you that we have raised a round of seed funding! Our plan is to use this new funding to open up new clinics as well as build out our clinical and product offerings.

Yinova’s story

Here at Yinova, we’ve always been dedicated to providing complementary care with measurable results. With acupuncture, body work, and Chinese medicine from the field’s leading practitioners, we work in partnership with patients to realize their full potential.

Back in 1999, Dr. Jill Blakeway founded Yinova. Ever since, Jill and the Yinova team have conducted over 200,000 treatments, partnering with patients along the way to provide natural solutions for a variety of chronic health conditions. We’re acclaimed for our expertise in women’s health and fertility, and our approach has been used to treat everything from hormone imbalances to pain and even anxiety or insomnia.

An important aspect of the care we provide is our herbal pharmacy, a proprietary line of high quality herbal formulations, designed by Dr. Blakeway based on her clinical experience. Yinova’s team are all board certified herbalists, and they combine herbs from the pharmacy to create custom herbal formulas that are personalized to meet each of our patient’s unique symptom patterns.

As a first step to our growth and expansion we relocated our headquarters to Flatiron in July. We also offer a seamless patient experience through online scheduling and electronic medical records that allow patients to upload medical information and receive continuity of care no matter which practitioner they see, and soon no matter where they see them!

“I founded Yinova to create a healing space where busy New Yorkers can access high quality Eastern medical treatment that integrates with the other types of care they receive. At Yinova we take the time to get to know our patients because we believe that each patient has a unique pattern of symptoms that requires an individualized response. We help our patients get to the roots of a health issues and address them holistically, using acupuncture, bodywork, herbs and supplements combined with diet and lifestyle counseling”, says Dr. Blakeway, describing her original vision for Yinova. “Over the years we’ve watched our community of patients grow and have been inspired by their loyalty and enthusiasm for the service we provide. We’re excited to expand and use our expertise to help more people”

The team behind the scenes

Dr. Blakeway has assembled an industry leading team to support Yinova’s expansion, including Chief Operating Officer Liz Henning (formerly VP Business Development for Equinox, Corporate Strategy at Gap and BCG) and Clinic Director, Dr. Noah Rubinstein, as well as a team of over 14 of NYC’s best acupuncturists and bodyworkers, all trained in the Yinova method.

“With its approach to treatment, accessibility and modern environment, Yinova offers a fundamentally better experience and proven results for those seeking the benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I’m excited to partner with Dr. Blakeway to expand this concept.” said Liz Henning, Chief Operating Officer.

Our expertise in Women’s Health

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as one of NYC’s leading resources for fertility support, trusted by patients and clinics to provide natural solutions to enhance fertility. Jill’s first book, Making Babies, continues to be a bestseller, and has helped support thousands of people to start their families. Yinova fertility patients range from couples using Chinese medicine to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, to those who are suffering from infertility who are combining Eastern medicine with conventional care to maximize the potential of assisted reproductive techniques, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“As a reproductive endocrinologist, I value the service Yinova provides and the ways it complements our own work in helping people conceive healthy babies” said Dr.Tanmoy Mukherjee, Associate Director of the Mount Sinai Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and co-director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York.

Press/Media contact: Emma Thakeemma@yinova.com

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