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What You Need to Know About Lubricant if You’re Trying to Conceive

Sexual lubricants, especially scented varieties, can interfere with conception. In general, they are too acidic for the sperm to survive and/or swim well in. In addition, the concentration of salts in the lubricants can cause sperm to either shrink or swell beyond their capacity to perform normally. That being said, if you find that you need a little extra moisture—as many couples do at ovulation or under the stress of trying to conceive— worry not! You don’t have to make do without.

Here at YinOva, we have found that BabyDance is a great lubricant for couples who are trying to conceive as it doesn’t decrease sperm motility nor does it compromise sperm DNA. Plus, it’s free of Parabens! We actually currently sell BabyDance at YinOva, so please feel free to pick some up on your way out after your treatment.

Lubrication Myth Busting Time

Beware of some of the other common suggestions for lubrication, as often they’ll have the opposite effect that you’re looking for. Listed below are some of the most common Lubricant alternatives that we’ve heard of, as well as our thoughts on their efficacy:

Can I use a little warm water?
No – If you’re trying to conceive, we recommend against this as water can kill sperm on contact.

Got it. What about trying a little saliva?
No– Saliva contains digestive enzymes that stop sperm from swimming.

I read somewhere that egg whites are a good lubricant. Are they?
No– We don’t recommend them because of the risk of salmonella in raw eggs. (In addition, many of our patients who have tried it tell us it made them feel rather like an omelet!)

My doctor recommended that I use some mineral oil (sexual lubricants may contain it), would this work?
Yes and no – Some studies show that mineral oil may actually limit the ability of sperm to penetrate the egg. To be safe, we wouldn’t recommend this either.

So there you have it! When it comes to finding the perfect lube for conception, it really is worth it do find something that actively supports the sperms journey to the egg. It’s difficult enough as is, so might as well make it a little easier!

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