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The Good News is You’re the Pilot.

I noticed the above quote, attributed to author Michael Altshuler, while walking by a school last week. I found myself thinking about these words and how they related to and were reflective of what we discuss every week during the Women’s Infertility Support and Resource Group at the Yinova Center.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, during group sessions we talk and share feelings about everything related to infertility and the stressors it presents on all aspects of our lives. We discuss work, marriage, and relationships; as well as our hopes, dreams, and, indeed, feelings of loss. Beyond this, we share ideas about, and recommendations for, ways of approaching these challenges and losses. How to move forward and take ownership of this difficult and often heartbreaking process so we can stay hopeful and happy despite the sadness infertility can so often cloud over our day to day lives.

A new cycle of the Infertility Support and Resource Group begins on November 3rd at 6:30PM and we invite you to try a session to see whether it may be helpful in your own journey to parenthood. We would love to have you. Please feel free to reach out to me or the Front Desk to learn more or sign up.

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