Dao Flow Yoga for Women’s Health & Fertility

Dao Flow Yoga for women’s health and fertility is a practice that I developed to help boost the whole menstrual cycle by doing very specific yoga practices that act directly on the Chinese medicine fertility acupuncture meridians. Dao Flow also works by aligning your moon cycle with the fluctuating yin and yang rhythms of nature, […]


Ask the RE: Is Egg Freezing Right for Me?

I’m 32 and after a failed relationship started to worry that I wouldn’t meet Mr. Right any time soon. My mother suggested freezing my eggs, which is not something I’ve thought of before. Am I a bit young to freeze my eggs and are there tests I can do to work out how much time I […]


10 Reasons why Sleeping well is Important to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Are you doing all the right things and yet you’re still not losing weight? Evidence shows that sleeping well is as important as exercising or a balanced diet.