Treating Constipation in Babies and Children Naturally

In Traditional Chinese medicine the Middle Jiao is the area generally below the heart to the pubic bone. All Middle Jiao issues revolve around the transformation and transportation of food and fluids. We can include the Stomach, the Intestines, the Spleen, the Liver, the Bladder and the Uterus in the Middle Jiao.


Constipation solutions

“It’s a little slow”, “It could be better”, “It comes and goes” “Uhh,…” These are just some of the euphemisms I regularly hear from patients when we discuss their digestion, and they almost always refer to constipation. In my practice and across the nation, constipation is one of the most common digestive complaints people have. […]


“We’re pregnant, now what?” Changes in elimination patterns

This is the third part of a series of articles about pregnancy by Yinova Acupuncturist and Obstetric Nurse, Laura Scheurer. You can read other articles in this series by clicking here. My last blog in this series covered changes and self-help suggestions for problems arising in the upper gastrointestinal tract namely morning sickness and heartburn. Today we move south […]