Treating Constipation in Babies and Children Naturally

In Traditional Chinese medicine the Middle Jiao is the area generally below the heart to the pubic bone. All Middle Jiao issues revolve around the transformation and transportation of food and fluids. We can include the Stomach, the Intestines, the Spleen, the Liver, the Bladder and the Uterus in the Middle Jiao.

by Emma Thake

7 ways to prep yourself and your family for back-to-school

Summer is winding down and fall is just around the corner. For so many people the beginning of the year feels like if falls around this time and that’s because school is almost back in session.  It’s a transitory season for many, whether you’re getting your kid ready for their first day being a third […]


All in the Family: Pediatric Massage for you and your Child

Patients often ask about treatments for children – in addition to acupuncture, for a number of common or uncommon conditions. Shonishin pediatric message is a Japanese treatment that uses small tools to tap, rub, press, scratch and stroke the body’s skin. Shonishin translates to “children’s needle” and although primarily used for young ones, Shonishin massage […]


Yoga for Toddlers

Today’s blog was written by Jensen Wheeler Wolfe, a certified yoga teacher in Manhattan.  She is the creator and owner of The Little Yoga Mat. As our babies grow and discover the world we live in, sometimes what accompanies this indoctrination is fear, stress and a feeling of over-stimulation. City children, in particular, are exposed […]


Back to School with some Healthy Habits.

It’s that time of year again! Our children are heading back to school. We Moms often have some mixed feelings around this. Most of our Yinova Moms tell me they feel a bit wistful that summer is over whilst at the same time breathing a giant sigh of relief as everyone gets back into routine. […]