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Supernatural Squad Goals

MaryAnn DiMarco is a psychic-medium who has been able to see the other side since she was child. She’s the author of a new book called Believe, Ask, Act where she explains how to tap into your “celestial team” to get advice. Jill asks her how we can all develop our intuition and open up to divine advice.

Then Jill joins Ann Ogden in her kitchen in New York. Ann is a former cancer patient who founded a charity called Cook For Your Life, where she teaches cancer patients how to cook nourishing food. On this episode she shares a simple recipe for grilled leek and marinated shrimp salad.

The show gets a bit of a shake up this week and Jill combines our Grow and Heal segments when she sits down with MaryAnn DiMarco. Maryann is a psychic medium and has a new book called Believe Ask Act which we’re very excited about! It’s an extremely interesting amalgam of channeled information and good practical self help advice. Maryann’s skill is to help people connect to their spirit guides and get guidance about how to tackle everyday problems.

Jill rejoins Ann Ogden in her apartment in Manhattan. Ann founded a charity called Cook For Your Life which teaches cancer patients and their care givers how to cook nourishing food. On this week’s segment Ann makes us a very simple warm grilled leek salad with shrimp and arugula. It’s a little heartier than a summer salad and it’s a very good dish for fall. Jill has cooked this recipe many times herself and it’s a huge fan favorite!

YinOva’s founder, Jill Blakeway, hosts a weekly radio show for CBS Radio called Grow Cook Heal. You can subscribe and listen to the whole series as a podcast on iTunes.

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