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Looking back at 2012, and ahead at 2013: A Yinova retrospective

The negative nellies of the social media world seemed pretty quick to bid 2012 a hasty goodbye this year. If you’re like me, and you noticed a barrage of “good riddance” messages to the passing year in your Facebook news feed, you may have asked yourself why. (Unless, of course, you too were thrilled to kiss this year farewell.)

With each new year comes the chance to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. That’s why gyms are crowded the first week of January, there seems to be double the trash on the sidewalk in the morning, and first-of-the-year nicotine gum sales, I imagine, skyrocket as people try their hardest to curtail, tame, or kill bad habits. We get a new outlook when we write a new number in the date line on our checks, or when we throw the old calendar in the garbage and pin up a fresh one that has yet to be written on or wrinkled from mid-year humidity. But does said new outlook give us license to trash the year just lived? Perhaps the memory of what was good about the prior year can instead inform us and inspire us to live a fuller, happier and more productive new year.

Here at the Yinova Center, we had a lot to be grateful about in the past year. Not only can I be thankful to have worked with many talented and caring people, but I have had the fortune of hearing from patients throughout the year how much our center has helped them. After all, we are here because of the thousands of people each year who come into our downtown Manhattan space in search of a healing hand and some guidance on their way to better living. That is the reason after we were battered by Hurricane Sandy, our center stayed open by candlelight, seeing patients who needed both relief and medical treatment.

Read Laurel's story here.
Read Laurel’s story here.

After the storm, one of our practitioners, Laurel Axen Carroll, shared the story of losing her beachfront home with us. Aside from being a skilled and passionate   acupuncturist and an all around awesome person, Laurel also demonstrated how to be tough, graceful, and resilient all at once. She inspired us to hold a benefit burlesque show with Kiki’s Paper Doll Troupe, with proceeds going to New York Cares to help those affected by Sandy like Laurel, her family, neighbors and friends.

Our patients were also the inspiration behind our Yinova Cancer Care Program. We’ve been treating cancer patients for over a decade and this year we decided to make supporting this population the focus of our team’s continuing education. Several of our practitioners are now certified by Memorial Sloan Kettering to use acupuncture in the treatment of cancer patients. We also invited specialists in the field of alternative cancer care, to visit our center and work with our staff on treatment protocols designed to meet the needs of cancer patients and treat a variety of symptoms from pain to hot flashes. We were compelled to do more with cancer patients, and so we participated in this fall’s Color of Teal Ovarian Cancer Expo. In October, we devoted energy to breast cancer awareness, and from the generosity of our patients were able to make a donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

We made sure to keep moving forward in 2012, launching a new website, a new look to our blog, and our new online channel: Yinova TV. We welcomed acupuncturist Klara Kadar to our team, seeing patients four days a week. And we brought on members of our talented front desk: Kelsey Tangel and Karyn Bailey.

Our clinic directors Jill Blakeway and Noah Rubinstein led us through an exciting year, too.

This summer, Jill addressed TED Global, giving a TED talk on the relationship between acupuncture and the placebo effect. She taped segments on the “Real Housewives of New York, a pyoc-noah-tripiece for about.com, and an upcoming interview for Katie Couric’s ABCNews.com series “Katie’s Take” to be aired sometime early this year. Jill did all this while putting the finishing touches on her book “Sex Again” which is now available for sale and will be launching this winter. Noah was also featured in an episode on Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing“, and took some time out to travel to Peru and learn about the healing abilities of the Shipibo people and the jungle they call home.

See? 2012 wasn’t so bad! Sure, we had some ups and downs. Every year is a proverbial roller coaster. And we know that for all the sub-par moments 2013 may offer, there will be plenty of reasons to celebrate and be thankful in this new year.

We’re excited to share information on how to have better sex as Jill travels around, appears on TV, radio, in print and online to share the story of “Sex Again.” We will continue to support charities we appreciate like the Cambodian Children’s Fund, cancer research, and local organizations that do good in the cities we serve. We will have a full year of treating New Yorkers for everything from helping them conceive a child to getting to sleep at night, their colds and flus, aches and pains, and overall just living a better life.

2012 was a full year that brought surprises, obstacles, and a lot to look back on and smile. Every year should be so monumental.

And, with that, here’s to 2013!

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