by Dr. Jill Blakeway, DACM, L.Ac

New Research from Duke University Medical Center about Acupuncture

For many years I practiced acupuncture in a hospital setting so I was interested to see this research from Duke University Medical Center that using acupuncture during surgery alongside conventional anesthesia can speed recovery and decrease discomfort for patients. You can watch a video about this ground breaking program here.

Anesthesiologist Dr. T.J. Gan, prompted by research that shows acupuncture can stop nausea and decrease pain, decided to give his patients an acupuncture treatment before and during surgery. He uses points that prevent nausea and stimulate the body’s own pain killing chemicals and has found that patients treated in this way have significantly less nausea and reduced post operative pain.

At the Yinova Center this kind of research is of particular interest because it echos our own interest in helping our patients to get the best out of both Eastern and Western medicine.