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Emotional Healing by Susan King

We are so honored to have renowned Intuitive CounselorSusan King, at the Yinova Center from May 7th to the 19th (her schedule varies so please call the Front Desk for an appointment). Susan has a loyal following worldwide and only makes it to the United States a few times a year, so this is a real treat! In anticipation of her visit, Susan wrote a blog just for us!

Most of us have experienced some sort of emotional pain in our lives. Emotional pain may be a warning that our relationship with our feelings is faulty. If we ignore this pain, and do not deal with it, it will intensify. Emotions are our essence – they reflect who we are inside; we refer to them and they have an affect on us each and every day. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned not to be “soft” or “so emotional” and to get on with it. But, nothing is more important than how we feel. If we feel good, we have hope, drive, energy – our inner light, if you will. If we experience emotional pain and we suppress these feelings, then we suffer in silence.

In general, pain may manifest itself in many ways. If we cut our finger, break a leg, or hit our head, the end result is physical pain. We see this happen to someone and we say,”Oh, are you ok? Can I help you?” But what about the pain trapped inside our heart, our souls? How can anyone see that? Who offers comfort? It is very difficult when our pain is not seen. But all pain can be given healing, even the emotional pain. First, it must be recognized and then, slowly removed.

Once we identify the emotion, we can attempt to understand it. And only then, could we learn how to manage it. Emotional pain can be caused by so many different things: perhaps it’s the hurtful words of another, or the loss of a loved one, divorce, or pressure at work or with finances. But there is way to heal this pain, to face it and to manage it.

I have spent the last 20 years trying to help people heal. A large part of my work gives people relief, hope and emotional release. I have discovered many ways to help; through my work I give new perspective to what may be troubling or confusing to you. Some would say I have a gift for this; I would say I do, but I also have the knowledge, understanding, and insight that I have learned along life’s path.

Very soon I will spend some time working from the Yinova Center, which I consider an honor. I look forward to helping the Yinova community in the healing process wherever I can.

All you need is an open heart and mind and the willingness to listen.

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