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Navigating your path to parenthood

I am moved by this amazing opportunity to partner with the Yinova Center and share my work and commitment to bring hope and inspiration to all of you. My work allows me to empower parents-to-be and support them as they progress on their journey to parenthood.

As a Fertility Coach, I am passionate about what I do, working with inspiring parents-to-be who are committed to their dreams and are powerfully showing up to a process that isn’t easy. These are people who haven’t given up in the midst of uncertainty.

I meet these people through my program, new to the Yinova Center, called “Navigating Your Path to Parenthood.” It is a six-week program that allows you to see up close how you are showing up during the process and see if you wish to choose a new approach to infertility. I believe that when we are presented with a challenge we have the opportunity do the best and learn from it. 

My program helps clients see the results that stress, fear, and other emotions have in their life, and challenges them to shift; to choose and see the good things that appear in their life as a result of infertility.

Our work together is all about choices and how you choose to show up at this time in your life. I truly believe that infertility doesn’t happen to you. It happens for you. It comes down to this question: What can infertility give you that you choose NOT to see?

When we are ready to look into our thinking we can visit many aspects of how we are showing up during our infertility treatments:

  • How is infertility helping you be a better partner?

  • How is infertility helping you be a better parent?

  • How does infertility help you recognize your true self?

  • Do you believe that where you fail over and over you actually succeed?

  • Can you see how your thinking limits you at times?

  • Do you acknowledge the power of your inner courage and live the life of your dreams?

  • What is the payoff in holding on to what you tend to believe about your infertility?

  • Are we willing to recognize the cost of your thoughts and beliefs about infertility?

Once we see what is holding us back, what is the pay off for staying in a place that puts us in fear, stress, and prevents us from becoming the best version of ourselves, its easier to let go. It’s easier to see what we gained from being infertile rather than staying in the belief that infertility means we are not “good enough.”

I am committed to inspire parents-to-be to revisit the way they look at infertility and work to get the most out of the process. Are you ready to embrace your gift of infertility?

We are offering a transforming six week coaching program, that will have you embrace and accept your path to parenthood.

The program is set to begin in March. For more information, contact appointments@yinovacenter.com.

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