Author: alexandragarcia

“I’m Pregnant! Now what?!” Finding your Dream Team

While you’re doing the hard work of nurturing the growth of a tiny human, who do you have taking care of you? Your OBGYN or midwife is one player on an all star team you get to select for this journey.


“I’m Pregnant! … Now what?!” Choosing a Care Provider

Even when you’ve meticulously planned your journey to pregnancy, arriving at your destination can catch you by surprise. Join me as I go through some key milestones and offer my advice on choosing a great care provider, building a dream team to support you, as well as how to nurture your body throughout your pregnancy.


Detoxing after an IVF Cycle

After going through a cycle of IVF the body often needs a little extra TLC to come back to center. Irregular periods, hot flashes, muscle aches, and bloating are some common signs that your body might appreciate a gentle detox.  


Medicinal Mushrooms: A Chinese Medicine Tradition

Among the vast trove of remedies in the pharmacopoeia of traditional Chinese medicine, some of the most revered medicinals are not plants, but fungi.


How Acupuncture Can Assist You Through The Egg Freezing Process

Facebook, Apple, and Google are leading the way to a new era of family planning. With an uptick in progressive health insurance plans that cover elective egg freezing, an increasing number of millennials are now considering taking advantage of this new option.


How to Have a Healthy Postpartum after a Cesarian

The weeks following a birth can be both a difficult and delicate time for any new parent. On top of adjusting to looking after a new member of the family, there is also so much healing to be done as a new parent.