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Astrology and Fertility

Astrology means literally ‘language of the stars.’ When working with astrology you closely align yourself to earth’s natural rhythms. Asking questions about any time-related issue such as pregnancy can benefit from astrology’s gift for translating good luck into good timing. Astrology isn’t an exact science but it can help you develop trust and intuition in life. Fascinatingly, more times than not, the predictions I make using astrology come true.

The majority of my clients are women, and I’m often asked questions about babies and conception. Astrology not only offers you an alternative perspective but it can also give you a sense of specific, important, timings in your life. Which, as you can imagine, is useful when it comes to conception and fertility. Let us dive right in and look at the insights that astrology can give you and the ways it can guide your pregnancy.

The universal symbolism of the Moon represents motherhood and children. The 28-day cycle of the Moon is in sync with the menstrual cycle. Being in tune with the phases of the Moon connects you to the natural rhythm of life. In fact, past research has shown that there are more babies born on a Full Moon and that it’s one of the peak times of the month to conceive. Furthermore, when looking at your natal chart, it’s the Moon that is the key factor in pregnancy and childbirth. 

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There are different types of Moon signs; traditional astrology has certain rules on which Moon signs are more fertile than others. The Moon in Cancer and the Moon in Taurus, for example, top the list. Cancer and Taurus both symbolize care and nurturing more than any other sign, and the Moon is comfortable residing in these signs.

This, however, is only a starting point. A good astrologer will look beyond the Moon sign in relation to other planets. One must also take into consideration the planetary factors linked to the Ascendant (ruling the physical body) and the 5th house (ruling children).


Hopefully this shows you the potential that the natal chart holds in regards to motherhood. That being said, the best way to use astrology to boost your chances of conceiving is timing. Venus (love & fertility) and Jupiter (abundance) are often prominent as they make positive aspects or connections to the Moon, Ascendant or the 5th house ruler in the natal chart, and the symbolic movement of the progressed Moon is a vital part of any prediction.

Often I will use an astrology consultation to discuss other factors that may be shown in the natal chart such as: personality, ability to deal with stress, attitude towards health, and life events and see how those factors can either enhance or challenge your ability to conceive. river and dock
On a different note, I have worked with  women who realize that their 5th house planets aren’t about becoming a mother and that the word baby can be redefined to mean something else; for example, a creative project. For many, this deeply fulfills their desire to mother. The 5th house shows what we ‘give birth’ to in our lives and that can materialize in different ways in a person’s life.

Sally Kirkman has been an astrologer for 25 years and has been a friend of The Yinova Center for many years. Sally trained with the Company of Astrologers in London and their divinatory approach to astrology appealed to her northern roots and consequently she loves to use astrology to make specific predictions and offer advice and inspiration that’s relevant to everyday life. You can find out more about Sally at her website where you can also sign up to receive her popular monthly horoscopes or keep up with her astrology insights on Facebook and Twitter.

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