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4 Things You’re Better Off Without in 2018

Raise your hand if you have ever made a New Year’s Resolution, genuinely wanted to commit to it, failed a few months later, and then felt super guilty afterwards…


We have all been there.

So, this year, instead of piling on a million and one things that we wish we could change about ourselves or add to our routines, let’s instead focus on letting some things go. We present to you “New Year’s Guidelines” – our version of a New Year’s Resolution. So, without further ado, here is our list of non committal suggestions of things that you can ditch in order to make 2018 a happier and more buoyant year.

1. Over Thinking

Trust us, we know – easier said than done! We do, however, have some suggestions on how to make this a little easier. Ironically, though not at all surprisingly, there are a several different ways to overthink things, but to keep it simple: Acupuncture + Chinese medicine can help you through it, no matter how your busy mind is manifesting itself.

If you find yourself up in the night going over what work needs to be done tomorrow or your never ending to-do list, you might benefit from a Chinese herbal formula called Gui Pi Tang. It is a huge help for those of us who are tired and wired. We prescribe it for people who overthink, get anxious and then fall into a cycle of poor sleep at night and tiredness the next day. Gui Pi Tang is designed to calm the mind whilst also combatting fatigue. Ask your practitioner about it during your next treatment, or pop by Yinova to speak with one of our team members.

If you find yourself anxious or nervous in social situations (Did that person just wave at me? Should I wave back? Why didn’t I wave? They probably think I’m so rude! I should probably send them a message saying sorry! Is that too much?!) then you may need to approach this from a different angle. Chinese medicine treats whole people treats the whole person and not specific symptoms, so you’ll find your practitioner will tailor her approach to fit your specific pattern.

2. Staying up Late

Getting enough sleep is the answer to so many of our problems. Believe it or not, sleeping enough can help improve everything from our mood (duh) to our skin (whoa!) It’s definitely a worthwhile investment. Now, there are some people who suggest little naps throughout the day, but let’s be real here, who has time for that? The only real option is to get to bed at a reasonable hour and to actually go to sleep (Meaning not going to bed and scrolling through your iPhone or watching telly ’till you doze off.)

Try to set a “no technology” rule and leave your devices behind past a certain time (set your own bedtime here: there’s no right or wrong time to call it a night), and try to stick to it. Leave the bright screens and the endless content, outside your bedroom door. If you’re worried about waking up, you could keep your phone plugged in across your room (that could also help you get out of bed in the morning, too!)

While we’re on the topic, it’s worth taking note of any patterns in your restlessness. Believe it or note, Chinese medicine can lend some insight as to why you’re waking up at the same time every night. Our energy runs through different meridians throughout our bodies, and that cycles every 2 hours. If the energy is unbalanced, we may have trouble sleeping during that corresponding time. Check out this blog post to find out what your waking time says about you, and how you can troubleshoot it.

3. Holding on to Grudges

Another tough one to do, we know. Whenever we find ourselves stuck in a pattern of resentment or anger, we try to lean on Dr. Jill Blakeway’s wisdom. If you haven’t yet read Jill’s post about how to forgive and why you should, you’re missing out. It’s filled with amazing gems like this; “I realized that my resentment was hurting me and that forgiveness is a gift I can give myself. Letting go of resentment does not mean that we condone wrongdoing, nor does it minimize or justify the things that have hurt us. It simply means that we have made the choice not to dwell on pain, nor seek revenge.” She offers some tips and exercises on how to actually let it go.

4. Letting the World Go By

This one is a bit more on the heavy side, but bear with us. If there’s one thing we could all actually commit to this year, it’s taking a moment to spread happiness, love, and light. Do something nice for someone one you know, or even a stranger! Make sure to show up, show support, and show love. We can offer so much just by holding space for our loved ones in their pain and their joy. Never has there been a better time for us to live our values.

And there you have it: YinOva’s non committal New Year’s Guidelines to having a happier 2018. We’ve made you a playlist full of songs to get you in the spirit of kicking 2018’s butt and living your best life! Go get ’em, tiger.



Blog Cover Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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