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21 Days to a Better Attitude

I’ve done quite a bit of intensive energy healing work of late with my clients. What came out of those sessions was the word “gratitude” as part of the healing therapy. Most of us would not make the connection between our health and gratitude. But gratitude affects our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Research has demonstrated numerous health benefits of gratitude.  It boosts the immune system; increases our ability to heal/recover from setbacks; reduces stress, increases mental focus, and decreases depression. The practice of Gratitude is essential to a healthy relationship with ourselves and with the world. Grateful people interact with the world more compassionately. They have learned to drop judgment which clouds our ability to see the Light within ourselves and others.

I discovered that anger and other negative emotions cannot coexist with gratitude. Gratitude has a higher vibrational frequency and it helps to clear lower vibrations. It truly is good medicine! To enhance the healing work that we did together, I gave each of my clients some soul searching exercises and a 21 day “attitude adjustment” plan. I share them below.  Both processes must be approached with sincerity. No empty words. Sincere gratitude holds a high and pure vibration. This is the level where healing and rekindling our joy takes place.

Part One:  Mindfulness for Life

  • Remain humble as you go about your life. It does not matter what we have. That does not define us.  Know that everyone is valuable. Putting out another’s candle will not make ours shine brighter. Rather, it diminishes our good. Be a witness of the ego. Notice when there is a need to inflate/puff up the self, put someone in their place, or put them down. These behaviors mask our own wounds and fear/anger based beliefs.  Take the time to examine the belief. Forgive yourself and the event/person. Going forward, promise yourself that you will live in the Present rather than act out from your history.

Forgiveness is the act of reclaiming your spirit!

  • It’s easy to think of ourselves as being the person that was hurt, but it is difficult to accept that each of us have hurt others. To say that we have never hurt others would be an untruth. Apologize to those you may have wounded. If you experience resistance to this process – be a witness of yourself. Breathe deeply. Allow yourself to feel what they may have felt. Forgive yourself.  Find the courage to apologize to them. Your spirit will be free.  
  • Because we are taught to measure and compete – compassion for self and others must be learned.

The practice of compassion must be cultivated. The results are a beautiful garden.

  • Take a quick inventory of the Good in your Life (emotional, physical, & spiritual).  Write it out. To what extent do you take those things and/or people for granted? Change that habit, today! Express your gratitude to those that share your life. Be specific about what you are grateful for. More importantly, show them that you value them.

The World and Heaven knows us by what we do!

Now, for the easy part!

Part Two: 21 Day Attitude Adjustment

  • Upon waking, start your day with a “Thank you Universe for_____________.” (no negatives)
  • While you are brushing your teeth, think of three things that you are proud of yourself for or three positive qualities that you have. Start your day off right! Reaffirm your good!
  • Keep a journal for 21 days. Write down five things each day that you are grateful for. What we focus upon will manifest. There is beauty all around us. Take notice.
  • Do something kind for someone else or an animal every day. It does not have to be grand – simple and sincere is good. You will find that you feel at least as good as the person or animal that you were kind too.
  • Do something kind for yourself every day. Again, it does not have to be grand – only sincere. We can always start with no negative self-talk. Catch yourself and replace each negative word/thought with at least three positive, worth affirming words. Forgive yourself and move on. Healing our thoughts does not come to us as an overnight success. It takes time, patience, and self-awareness.

I hope that you work with the mindfulness practice and do the 5 simple steps. Notice if your worldview and the way you interact with the world changes over the next weeks. You may find that you have more energy, peace of mind, more joy. You’ll likely notice that the things that once troubled you have lost their value.

The last assignment was to read this poem daily, preferably in the morning but anytime will work. One of my clients printed and framed it for her office. The poem eases anxiety and returns us to our hearts.

We Give Thanks

We give Thanks for places
of Simplicity and Peace.
May we find such places within Ourselves.

We give Thanks for places
of Beauty and Refuge.
May we find such places within Ourselves.

We give Thanks for places
of Acceptance and Belonging.
May we find such places within Ourselves.

We can mend the outer world
with the Wholeness of our Inner Lives.

~Rachel Naomi Remen

One last thought. There is an old adage that says something like this: “If you’ve forgotten the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.”  This is so very true, my friends. I had to smile.

To your Health & Happiness!

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