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Emma Explores: Jade Rollers (as She Attempts to Keep her Self-Care Rollin’)

Hello, c’est moi. I’m back and exploring things. For anyone new here, Emma Explores is a series where I investigate various “things” in wellness! From new fads to ancient formulas, my goal is to dive in headfirst with the hopes of demystifying some of the buzziest buzzwords in wellness. Today, I’m looking at Facial Rollers.

Facial Rolling, as well as Facial Gua Sha, are both pretty hot topics in the skincare world. So, I thought I’d take a closer look and get some insight from the Yinova team, seeing as Gua Sha is actually a massage technique used in Chinese medicine to relieve pain and muscle tension.

“The mechanical action of the rolling across your face stimulations collagen production and is smoothing” says Patricia

I also caught up with Katy who said that “jade nourishes the yin which is moistening and cooling, so when you put that on your face it helps to keep it moist and supple.”  

Daryl also noted that “facial rolling helps bring blood and qi to the face which then helps maintain elasticity.”

“I have one at home and I’m obsessed,” Hemaalya gushed. “It’s really nice if you put it in the freezer because it feels good, plus it brings down puffiness and bloating.”

And with that, I was off to try it for myself. And you know what? It does feel nice! And honestly, after a couple weeks of adding facial rolling to my skincare routine, I really do feel like I can see a difference particularity with my puffy sleepy eyes.

I think ultimately what I’ve learned is that this is a really sweet way to give yourself a little extra attention and self-care. Plus, it comes with some real added benefits like keeping your precious little face remaining precious, little, and face-y.

P.S. Because of my exploration into the world of rollers, we’re actually now selling both Jade and Rose Quartz facial rollers at Yinova. You’re welcome!

This is part of a series, explore more with Emma here!

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