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10 Tips for Reviving a Flagging Libido
Birds do it… bees do it…. sometimes my patients feel as if the only person who isn’t doing it is them. Time and time again patients confide in me that they rarely feel in the mood for sex. They miss the connection that sex gives them and feel guilty that they have let this part […]
Is Stress Lowering Your Sex Drive?
I wrote Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido because patients tell me they wish they were more interested in sex and when I ask them what they think lowers their libido they often mention stress. Stressed out people usually don’t feel like having sex, which is a shame really because sex is a great stress reliever. The relationship […]
Boost Your Libido with the Food you Eat
We’ve been talking about sex quite a bit lately at the Yinova Center, with our director Jill Blakeway’s recent release of her second book Sex Again. In her comprehensive look at libido, Jill writes about how to rebuild the connection with our sexuality and desire from within ourselves and our relationship. Since this week brings […]
Photo of the book Sex Again: Recharging Your LIbido
February Book Club – Sex again: Recharging Your Libido
Join us on February 24th at 6 pm for a discussion with, Dr. Jill Blakeway, author and founder of Yinova, for a discussion about her second book, “Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido“. About the Book: Despite what you see in movies and TV, Americans have less sex than people in any other country. One in three […]
Reviving your Sex Drive
“Can you help me get my mojo back?” Karen¹ was a tired parent with two small children who was worried about their lack of libido. Here at the Yinova Center we regularly hear from people who are concerned that they have little or no interest in sex. To a certain extent, it’s normal for sexual desire […]
Beyond Chocolate and Oysters
Valentine’s Day brings with it a lot of pressure. We’re expected to have a perfect night out with champagne, flowers, and candlelight. Unfortunately, most of the time, the reality is that it is a crowded night to be out, with a prix fixe meal, you and your date are squeezed into a busy restaurant where […]
Freshly made, decadent, chocolate truffles, ready for a night of romance and love
Is Your Sex Life Craving Chocolate?
Eating chocolate leads to higher levels of sexual satisfaction and an increase in libido. That was the finding of urologists from San Raffaele hospital, in Milan, Italy in a study that was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. The researchers questioned 163 women about their chocolate habits, as well as how satisfied they were […]

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