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Cleanse more than just your body this spring

I like to think of a cleanse as a concentrated time to rethink our habits and let our bodies rest. The obvious habit to start with is usually our diet. Whether you are having only fresh juices for your cleanse or are just attempting to “clean up” your diet, a cleanse can provide the motivation to test out new ways of taking care of ourselves for a finite amount of time.


Reuse your coffee grounds

Before you throw your coffee grounds in the trash, I have a few suggestions. As regular readers of this blog may know, I don’t like to waste food and coffee grounds, in particular, have many other uses. So for my fellow java junkies, here are my top five tips for how to recycle the dregs […]


Frugal Food Shopping the Healthy Way by Penelope

“We are proud to have film maker and activist Penelope Jagesser Chaffer joining us on the blog today.”  – Jill I’m so glad to be writing this post.  It’s probably the number one question I get asked: “How can you feed a family frugally if you are living an organic, non-toxic life?”  My lovely friends […]


Food Wastage

Back in July I wrote a blog entry about how shocked I was to find that as a nation we waste $43 billion dollars of edible food each year. It is one of the posts that people talk to me about when they visit us here at the Yinova Center, so I think it struck […]


Did you know that we throw a way $43 billion of edible food a year?

Recently some patients in our waiting room were talking about wasting food, which is a topic close to my heart. I was shocked to find out that here in the US we throw away $43 billion of edible food each year. In fact a 2004 study at the University of Arizona, estimated that between 40 […]