Could Acupuncture Lower Your Chances of Needing a C-Section?

We are very grateful for C-sections. Whether the procedure is planned or used in an emergency, it’s a medical feat that saves lives and has changed the landscape of birth. That being said, in many cases, it’s a back-up procedure that an obstetrical team works to avoid.


How Chinese Medicine Can be Used to Treat Placenta Previa

Placenta Previa is a condition characterized by the placenta partially or completely covering the mother’s cervix, the passageway for the uterus. This obstruction can cause a blockage and if ruptured can cause severe bleeding during pregnancy and delivery.


How to Have a Healthy Postpartum after a Cesarian

The weeks following a birth can be both a difficult and delicate time for any new parent. On top of adjusting to looking after a new member of the family, there is also so much healing to be done as a new parent.