What’s in a needle?

People feel so relaxed and pain-free after acupuncture that they regularly ask me “What’s in those needles?”. The answer is NOTHING. Acupuncture needles couldn’t be more different from the needles used to give you a shot. They are so thin you could tie them in a knot if you needed to. So why do you […]


Playtime: Treating Children with Acupuncture

Todays blog was written by Yinova acupuncturist and herbalist, Marie Amato, who has a particular specialty when it comes to treating children. You don’t have to wait for your child to catch his or her next cold to try out acupuncture. We recommend bringing kids in for seasonal tune-ups. The change of season is difficult […]


Sacred Taoist Sex Secrets

I blogged recently about using Chinese medicine to get your libido back and that article prompted a writer from Cookie Magazine to come to the Yinova Center to get help for a flagging sex drive. The article she wrote will be in the October issue of Cookie. We are happy to have been able to […]