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Spring is Here!

Spring is here! I know, I know –  it’s still quite cold; winter seems to be overstaying its welcome.  But, despite the stubborn chill and lingering snow, we have officially crossed the threshold into spring!

Equinox is the time of the year when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator. Long gone are the days filled with more darkness than light. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for since winter solstice; the darkest day of the year. Our days are officially the same length as the nights. The sun has returned!

Soon we’ll start hearing the birds chirp, the leaves will start budding, animals will begin stirring (including some mischief from your pets, no doubt) and there will be something in the air. No, literally. There will be something in the air: pollen.

Despite all these signs of hope and new beginnings, spring can be an especially uncomfortable time for many people.  Allergies begin to rear their ugly heads and the streets will be full of frustrated and agitated people with stuffy noses, headaches, and watery eyes. Joy!

Around this time every year, patients of mine come to me certain that they have gotten a head cold or have come down with the flu when actually they have succumbed to spring allergies. That’s because the immune response that comes with allergies can be intense. So, what can we do?  Many of us will run to the pharmacy for some over the counter relief, which, yes, can be effective, but it can also lead to grogginess, confusion, and dry mouth.

Chinese medicine to the rescue! Here at YinOva, my colleagues and I have years of experience dealing with allergies. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can regulate the immune response and alleviate spring time allergy suffering.  All of the relief, with none of the side effects.

Do you usually suffer from seasonal allergies, but they haven’t quite kicked in yet? It’s not too early to begin treatment. If you have a history of allergies, we can help prevent them before the inevitable “big bloom.” For thousands of years, practitioners have used Chinese herbal medicine to prevent allergies.  One such formula, that we have in stock at the Yinova Center, is called Yu Ping Feng San. When translated, this formula is called Jade Windscreen and what it does is it strengthens the immune system to prevent histamine response before it even begins, creating a protective screen between you and the elements.

This is one of many approaches we take to deal with seasonal allergies. The beauty of Chinese medicine is that it is customized; our treatment plans are not “one size fits all.” Your Yinova practitioner can custom tailor an herbal formula and treatment plan to make sure your Spring is full of hope, renewal, and new beginnings instead of cloudy head, stuffy nose, and blurry vision.

Happy Spring!

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