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So, You’ve Tried Almond Milk; What About Golden Milk?

Jill visits the Hudson-Chatham Winery to talk to Carlo DeVito about his journey from wine critic to winemaker. Jill and Carlo discuss how wine is made and some of the unexpected pitfalls of running a vineyard. Then Jill is in the kitchen with Chinese medicine practitioner Heidi Lovie who shares her recipe for Golden Milk, a drink that strongly relieves pain and inflammation. Finally Jill chats with Lauren Dulberg, one of her colleagues at the Yinova Center. Lauren gave birth to two very large babies naturally (one was 11 lbs!) and on this episode she shares how Chinese Medicine can make labor and delivery easier.

We’ve already covered how beer is made on Grow Cook Heal and we thought it would be a fun idea to do the same for wine making! Jill heads to her local winery The Hudson Chatham Winery for this week’s grow segment. Carlo De Vito is their main man and our guest this week. Carlo is a former wine writer and critique who a decade ago decided to go into the wine making business with his wife Dominique. These days he’s producing award-winning wines but it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Jill and Carlo cover the trial and error process involved in the creation of wine, along with the consequential fun involved in tasting.

Jill then hangs out in her kitchen with Heidi Lovie who’s been on the show before . Heidi is a practitioner of Chinese medicine and also has her own successful brand of bone broth . Heidi makes her version of turmeric milk which she has dubbed Golden Milk . It’s very tasty, comforting and, importantly, a natural pain reliever.

Jill sits down with one of her colleagues at fellow acupuncturist, Lauren Dulberg . Lauren explains how women can use acupuncture to prepare for labor. Lauren is a very talented practitioner of Chinese medicine so she has much wisdom to share, but she also speaks from personal experience because she herself had two very large babies naturally. She talks all about her own experience and how that forms the advice that she gives patients on this week’s show.

YinOva’s founder, Jill Blakeway, hosts a weekly radio show for CBS Radio called Grow Cook Heal. You can subscribe and listen to the whole series as a podcast on iTunes.

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