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Safe and Effective Cleaning Products

Finding effective cleaning products to keep yourself and your loved ones clean and healthy can sometimes feel like a struggle; especially with so many out there that are filled with harmful chemicals. As a parent, maintaining a clean home is so important to me, especially as a means of keeping my child protected. Below are some safe cleaning products, tips, and advice from myself and the Yinova team on how to maintain a clean home for yourself and your family, with safe and effective products.

(Please note: in order to kill viruses and bacteria you will need to use an alcohol-based disinfectant. If alcohol isn’t present then it can be used for more general cleaning purposes.)


I reached out to Yinova practitioner, Alli Kimmel, for some advice on safe cleaning with toddlers and/or babies in the house. For general cleaning, she suggested a mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar. She says, “A solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar is a great general cleaner but can’t be used on granite.” Otherwise, it is safe and effective for most home cleaning.

Alli also mentions, “for caked-on kitchen gunk: sprinkle baking soda liberally, spritz with your vinegar mixture [mentioned above], scrub while it bubbles and the gunk should come off pretty easily! Making a paste out of baking soda and water is also great for scrubbing. This can be used for a bathtub with visible stains.”

Rubbing Alcohol & Hydrogen Peroxide

It is important to note that while vinegar is a great tool for cleaning, it will not help disinfect items. We might ask, then, what can be used? Alli and Yinova practitioner, Dara Barr, both suggested the same items: rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Dara states, “rubbing alcohol is a helpful disinfectant that can be sprayed on surfaces to decontaminate them. It is flammable, so use caution around any fire sources and if you are putting alcohol in a spray bottle, know that some plastics aren’t compatible so check before filling.” It is important to note that if you are cleaning with rubbing alcohol and/or hydrogen peroxide, the items you are cleaning should be rinsed well/wiped down afterward in case little ones are still at the stage of putting things in their mouths!

DIY House Cleaner

If you’re struggling to find non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner to keep your kids safe (and your house clean) then you may want to try to make your own! This option saves you money and gives you some peace of mind as you will know exactly what the ingredients are, which can be extremely helpful.

As mentioned above, vinegar can be a great base to start a homemade cleaner. Another great item to add is some lovely, bright citrus! Who doesn’t love the pleasant aroma of bright lemons, zesty grapefruits, and sweet oranges? Adding one part vinegar, one part water, and the rinds from your citrus of choice is a safe and effective choice in keeping your house clean (and your little ones safe from harmful chemicals!) This solution can be poured into a spray bottle and left to infuse for at least one day. Note: The longer you let the rinds infuse into the water and vinegar, the stronger the cleaning power is! This natural cleaner can be used on almost anything with the exception of granite. If you’re in need of disinfecting a surface, however, it’s best to use a disinfectant cleaner. 

Safe cleaners you can purchase

If DIY cleaners aren’t up your alley, here are some products that I personally love and use around my child:

Dawn Antibacterial Dish Soap

Even though it’s quite a simple cleaner, Dawn Antibacterial Dish Soap truly is a household staple for me. It comes in a variety of scents and is gentle enough to use on anything, including your hands. I like to use warm, soapy water on everything from cleaning the table, wiping down doorknobs, wiping down countertops, and even cleaning the inside and outside of my refrigerator. Because it is antibacterial, this can be helpful for disinfecting areas of your home, as well. 

Earth Essentials Pure Castile Soap

A second cleaner that has multi-use abilities that I use frequently is Earth Essentials Pure Castile Soap in Almond scent, which smells light and pleasant. This product is made with organic shea butter, essential oils, and is Paraben and Phthalate free. In addition, it is not tested on animals which is an extremely important factor for me. This soap can be used in a variety of ways such as body wash, face wash, and shampoo. For household use, you can use it as a laundry detergent, an all-around household cleaner, and is a great gentle cleanser for cleaning cloth diapers!  

While researching safe and effective cleaning products, I stumbled upon a few additional gems that I wanted to share with you!

Meliora Cleaning Products – Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub

This cleaner has simple ingredients, is biodegradable, synthetic fragrance-free, and dye-free. This scrub can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, and stainless steel surfaces. A plus side to this gentle cleaning scrub is its scent: it contains peppermint and tea tree oil which have antimicrobial properties.

Branch Basics Concentrate 

This particular item seems promising! While it does boast a steep price – $49 – it can be used for many, many things. In addition to its multi-use abilities, it is exclusively plant and mineral-based. As stated on the bottle, it is “human safe, biodegradable, and fragrance-free.” Suggested cleaning with this product includes usage such as laundry detergent, daily upkeep of bathroom cleansing, and even use for hand and body washing!

We know it’s a scary time and keeping clean is extremely important, now more than ever! We hope these tips, tricks, & product recommendations give you some peace of mind and clarity when it comes to safe and effective cleaning. 

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