I thought the group was wonderful and want to thank Anne & Mary. It felt like such a great experience because of the way they led each week. They have so many strengths as leaders on such a sensitive topic. They cared about the members of the group and left space for everyone to ask any questions or to contribute. They made me look forward to attending each week. Their personalities made each week a calming, reflective, inspiring, and insightful place to be for the time we were together. Every week, I was rejuvenated after class and felt recharged and ready to continue on my journey.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Anne, Mary & my cohort in our fertility support group. I originally joined because I heard a statistic that women increase their chances of getting pregnant when they join a support group. I was so tired of hiding in shame about my struggles, as a woman and a practitioner and found it so comforting to know other women could relate to my journey. Each call was packed with resources and loads and loads of empathy, facilitated so skillfully by Mary and Anne. I’m happy to report that 2 weeks after our last class, my husband and I found out we were expecting.  Today we are going strong at 9 weeks, expecting a baby girl in August.

I found great peace and more knowledge of my body with this group. For those of you who might be looking for extra support from an intimate group with members from across the country, I highly recommend The Yinova Center’s Fertility Coaching and Support Group and their practitioners. I am certain the combination of this program with my fertility treatments is why I achieved pregnancy! I am still in touch with the other women to build each other up during times of uncertainty or when it’s time to celebrate achievements along the way.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have joined Yinova’s first ever fertility support group. I learned so much from Mary and Anne, and made long-lasting connections and friendships with the women in the group. Their knowledge, experiences, and support were invaluable.

I am so thankful for the Fertility Coaching & Support Group. I am not local to NYC. I’m glad others who can’t physically attend will have this opportunity. I believe Yinova is why I am having a successful pregnancy this time around.

After being recommended by a patient from Yinova, I had my own great experience. I FINALLY found my go-to acupuncturist in the city. I moved earlier in the year from California and have been to a few clinics but they weren’t the right fit. At Yinova, I found Noah and he is amazing – kind and warm; and skilled at what he does. The office staff is super friendly too. I bought a pack of ten because I was so happy with the service. And it’s super easy to book online. I normally wouldn’t travel this far out of my neighborhood for acupuncture, but this is totally worth it. I’ve heard all the practitioners there are good, but I’m going to stick with Noah!

Yinova is warm, welcoming and just wonderful. Ann is incredible – every time I go, she carefully evaluate me, notes progress or changes and really tailors the acupuncture session to my current state. I’m not going for fertility and have it to be beyond rewarding.

She is thoughtful and each session it’s relaxing and has a noticeable impact on my day and week. Since starting 6 months ago I have felt calmer, more in control and more balanced. I can’t recommend Yinova or Ann enough.

Everything from the online intake with Kelsey to the acupuncture sessions with Daryl for trigeminal neuralgia headache was very professional, helpful (I got relief), clean and just a pleasure (as much as needles can be! The massage for my sore shoulder was also very therapeutic, as was the battle balm and other ointment with CBD oil. I just have a tremendous respect for all of these practitioners and it’s a plus that it’s a woman-owned business!

I suffer with severe chronic migraines and it was a real blessing for me to discover the Yinova center in Manhattan. The practitioners are very skilled, the personal kind and welcoming and the atmosphere is relaxing and charming. I mostly saw a therapist called Daryl, who had a very good and deep understand of my energetic, neurological, muscular and vascular body. Seeing her would help me each and every time. And whenever I had the opportunity to get a session during an upcoming crisis, this really would allow my pain to stop increasing and even to calm down, helping me to detox from triptans and traditional medication for a long while.

So relaxing with the best service and.just good people. Highly recommended

I go to Anne. She always takes time to go through all my ailments and has really helped with my stress. I went to help get pregnant and I did so I have no complaints… plus if I need an appt moved around, they’re very lenient.

Despite my fear of needles, I have been a long time client of Yinova and Noah Rubinstein. The care and treatment is unparalleled and the staff is both welcoming and professional. I highly recommend Yinova for anyone interested in exploring eastern medicine.

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