“With Sex Again, you’ll discover how to reawaken and free your sexual energy. The author’s warmly supportive and authoritative advice shows the path back to sexual harmony in a committed relationship.”

“If your libido isn’t what you’d like it to be, you will find what you need in this fabulous book. I highly recommend it.”

“We applaud the main message of this book: improving your health improves your chances of fertility. Making Babies is a must-read for couples wanting to increase their chances of conceiving.”

“Filled with invaluable guidance from two seasoned, brilliant clinicians, Making Babies can speed up the arrival of your child without depleting your ovarian reserve or your bank account.”

“Simple, informative, and entertaining, Making Babies gives you answers, and hope.”

Making Babies is a marriage made in heaven. The best of western medicine combined with the yin-yang approach of the east. The end result? Restored fertility and vibrant health. Lovely.”

“Far from a mystical tract, this book provides a true scientific investigation of the energy that exists within each of us and connects us to one another.”

“A fascinating and illuminating read from one of the country’s top practitioners of energy medicine.”

“As entertaining as it is rigorous, this is a book that both educates and enlightens.”

“This is a book that will uplift, inspire, and hopefully convince us all to reconsider what we believe is possible with our health.”

Yinova has beautiful energy and a very skilled and compassionate staff. It is a soothing respite from the ordinary, offering phenomenal complementary healing services.

Jill and her team not only offer their expertise in acupuncture and eastern medicine, they are also compassionate, caring confidants. They immediately made me feel at ease discussing sensitive medical information, and helped me through many moments of confusion and frustration.

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