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Virtual & In-Clinic Services

We are pleased to be able to treat you virtually & in-clinic. You can learn more about our safety procedures here and our pricing here. Read below to learn about our virtual & in-clinic services.

Initial Consultations

Your first experience starts with an initial consultation. You have the option of a standalone virtual consultation, or a consultation paired with an acupuncture treatment. For consultations paired with an acupuncture treatment, you can either do both in-clinic in the same appointment, or you can have your consultation virtually & then come in for acupuncture at a later date.

Follow-Up Treatments

We offer follow-up acupuncture treatments and massage sessions in-clinic. During a follow-up, we will continue working towards achieving your short & long term goals as laid out in your treatment plan. You can feel free to switch between virtual & in-clinic follow-ups, depending on your needs. Learn more about acupuncture here, our Chinese herbs here & bodywork here.

Virtual Offerings

You can access your practitioner while you’re on the go or if you’re not able to come in and see us in-person. During a virtual consultation, you’ll be able to discuss current health challenges & we will work with you to develop a treatment plan including a combination of acupuncture, herbs, bodywork, nutrition & lifestyle advice. Learn more about our virtual services here.

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With locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn.

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