YinOva Center, Acupuncture NYC

Online Scheduling

We’re so happy to be able to offer our patients this convenient way of scheduling with us.


To schedule your appointment online, please select the service you are looking for.

If you can’t find the appointment you need online please call our center on 212 533 2255 as there are often more appointments available directly at our front desk than appear in online scheduling.

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What kind of service are you looking for?

  • Acupuncture

    Based on the Yinova Method, Our team of caring practitioners use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to balance the body's self-healing ability.

    acupuncture clinic nyc

  • Bodywork

    We offer our patients a variety of therapeutic techniques. From fertility focused Mayan massage, to general circulatory massage, we will work with you to help you attain your health goals.

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  • Acupuncture Facial Renewal

    Acupuncture Facial Renewal can address many issues appearing on the face by working both locally to improve circulation, increase collagen production, and improve skin tone and at a systemic level to correct the cause behind the facial issue.

    Acupuncture Facial Renewal nyc