You are the Dry Type

People who are the Dry Type are a bit like a desert: supporting new growth can be difficult, but the desert will burst into full bloom in the right conditions.


The Dry Type

From a Chinese medicine perspective, we refer to the Dry Type as kidney “yin” deficiency. Yin describes the body’s functions that are cooling, nourishing, & dampening; without enough yin, the body gets hotter & dries out. Dry Types complain of feeling hot, especially at night, & can suffer from dry skin, constipation, night sweats, & vaginal dryness. Dry people’s symptoms may be due to an imbalance of reproductive hormones, especially low estrogen and progesterone levels.

Here is some advice for Dry Types to bring your body back into balance improve your fertility:

  • Take Nourish, our Herbal Formula for the Dry Type
  • Hydrate & Incorporate Fatty Acids
  • Avoid alcohol, sweets, greasy & spicy foods
  • Get more Iron (we love Floradix) & Take L-Carnitine
  • Reduce stress & stay active, but avoid excessive exercise
  • Consider using a BBT Thermometer to track your cycle
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At Yinova, we are here to provide you coaching & support throughout the fertility process. Learn more about your fertility type & how Yinova can support you throughout your entire fertility journey.

As a first step, have a virtual visit with renowned fertility expert Dr. Jill Blakeway or one of our board certified Chinese medicine practitioners to receive your customized plan to enhance your fertility.

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  • Comprehensive Reproductive Health review: Your practitioner will go over your health history, discuss your current challenges, and develop a fertility plan tailored to your needs.
  • A Customized Fertility Plan: Your plan will include recommendations on nutritional & lifestyle adjustments you can make & advice on Chinese herbs or supplements.

Consultations and customized fertility plans with our board-certified providers are $150, with Dr. Jill Blakeway are $300

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Yinova is an integrative wellness center acclaimed for its expertise in fertility & reproductive health. Offering personalized holistic treatment plans that may include herbal medicine & supplements, nutrition & lifestyle guidance & acupuncture & bodywork in our clinics from the field’s leading practitioners, the Yinova team works in partnership with patients to help them realize their full potential.

Dr. Jill Blakeway is the founder of Yinova, where she has been treating patients for over two decades. Described as a “fertility goddess” by the New York Times, she credits much of her success to combining the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern, conventional biomedicine. Dr. Blakeway created the Five Fertility Types and joined forces with a reproductive endocrinologist to co-author the bestselling book, ‘Making Babies’ about how to optimize fertility.

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