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Consultation with Dr. Jill Blakeway

Drawing on decades of experience, Yinova Founder Dr. Jill Blakeway is here to support your fertility goals. Jill is the author of the best-selling book, Making Babies & an expert at helping people to troubleshoot their fertility problems & conceive. During your first virtual consultation, Jill will identify your fertility challenges & provide a customized plan to address them. Depending on your case, your plan may include an herbal formula & advice on nutritional supplements. 

On subsequent visits, she will track your progress, answer your questions & teach you how to make adjustments to your diet & lifestyle that will result in measurable change. Jill has a wealth of information to share & is a warm & empathic listener making her an excellent resource whether you are just beginning your fertility journey or are tackling fertility problems & want advice on how to overcome challenges.


Your Fertility Consultation

Your Virtual Consultation with Dr. Blakeway will include:

A Comprehensive Reproductive Health Review

Dr. Jill Blakeway will go over your health history, discuss your current challenges & develop a fertility plan tailored to your needs.

A Customized
Fertility Plan

Your plan will include recommendations on nutritional & lifestyle adjustments you can make & her advice on Chinese herbs or supplements.

Fertility Coaching

You can continue on your treatment plan & work with Jill to evolve & incorporate new changes to your plan as your situation changes.
Yinova founder, Jill Blakeway, sits on a grey couch and is holding a copy of her book, Making Babies

Founder of Yinova & Author of 'Making Babies'

Dr. Jill Blakeway

Dr. Jill Blakeway is an acupuncturist, herbalist, & the founder of Yinova, where she has been treating patients for over two decades. Described as a “fertility goddess” & named as one of Manhattan’s top acupuncturists by the New York Times, she credits much of her success to combining the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern, conventional biomedicine.

Co-written with a reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Blakeway’s ‘Making Babies’ draws on the best of conventional & complementary medicine to offer you a step-by-step guide to enhancing your fertility based on your Fertility Type.

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Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Jill Blakeway will be $300. All follow-up fertility coaching sessions are $200.

Your virtual initial consultation with Dr. Blakeway will last 1 hour.

All follow-up fertility coaching sessions are 30 minutes.

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