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“Energy medicine refers to the wide range of healing modalities used to diagnose and treat illness by manipulating the energy—the vital life force referred to as “qi” in Chinese medicine—that pulses through the cells of our bodies. This book traces my journey to understand the science behind this healing force as well as the little bit of mystery that will always be just outside our reach.”

Dr. Jill Blakeway, Founder of Yinova

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As a patient who has been blessed to experience Jill Blakeway’s incredible energy firsthand, I can attest that she is a gifted healer. In Energy Medicine she validates what we know to be true intuitively—that the body has the power to heal itself—and offers readers the tools to understand and access the subtle energy within us. Far from a mystical tract, this book provides a true scientific investigation of the energy that exists within each of us and connects us to one another.”

Uma Thurman

Energy Medicine

Most traditional cultures identified an animating force that governs physical & mental processes and supports our health. In Energy Medicine, Jill Blakeway shares cutting edge research that supports this ancient practice.

The Author

Jill Blakeway is a Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine and the Founder of Yinova. She continues to see patients at Yinova practicing an energetic form of acupuncture and herbalism.

What’s Inside

Jill explores what it means, both personally and scientifically to be a skilled healer, and describes the global journey she embarked upon to understand both the science and art of healing.


The Yinova team were hand-picked for the combination of academic rigor and energetic skills. All of the team members have been trained by Jill to incorporate energy work into an acupuncture treatment.

Future Learning

From April 2019, Jill be touring the US, Canada, the UK and Australia to talk about what she has learned and how to harness the energy that heals us.

Also from Jill

Jill has also written two other books; Making Babies and Sex Again and was the host of the popular CBS podcast Grow, Cook, Heal.


The first comprehensive look at the groundbreaking field of energy medicine and how it can be used to diagnose and treat illness, from one of the world’s foremost practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Today, more of us than ever are discovering the curative powers of energy medicine. Scientific studies continue to confirm its validity, and medical doctors are regularly prescribing treatments such as acupuncture to their patients. But even for those of us who have benefitted from such treatments, the question remains: what exactly is energy medicine, and how does it work?

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Meet the Author

Jill is the founder of Yinova, and has written two best-selling books.

Energy is the core of our philosophy.

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