by Dr. Jill Blakeway, DACM, L.Ac

Summer 2012:Treat from the YinOva Center!

Summer Treat

Who doesn’t love a summer treat?
Here at the Yinova Center we love to treat you! So if you refer a friend between now and August 31st, you and your friend will receive 25% off your treatments! 
Why not bring your friends, your partner, your children, parents or your favorite coworkers?  
     Everyone loves a treat!                                                           
Fine print: Referring patient must be an exisiting Yinova patient and referral must be new to the Yinova Center. Can refer as many new patients as one likes. Existing patient will receive 25% off a single follow-up treatment for each new referral and referral will receive 25% off their initial appointment. All appointments to be completed by August 31, 2012. 

You know us, we always have exciting things going on!
For instance did you know that Noah recently taught and certified our staff in CPR? Now, after several requests, he will begin teaching Infant CPR. This is especially important for new and expecting parents and great for everyone to know. Just call our front desk (212-533-2255) for more information or to enroll in an upcoming class.
Jill is honored to take part in TEDGlobal 2012, delivering a talk on the placebo effect and its relationship with medicine. Unfortunately we can’t all go with her but we’ll share the link with you as soon as it’s online. Also, on a lighter note, in the next few weeks we are set to appear on Bravo’s guilty pleasure hit – The Real Housewives of New York! Can you guess who came in for treatments?
As far as the newsstands go, we were in this month’s BUST magazine, and we’re set to be in Life & Style as well as SHAPE magazine. Of course we’ll post the articles as soon as they’re out. And over on radio, Noah and Jill were on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio answering questions live with the always entertaining Dr. Miriam Greene. Hopefully you caught the show but if not, we’ll have the link as soon as possible, just check out our Facebook page (and feel free to “Like” us while you’re there).
Also we launched our fifth Fertility Support Group session. We are so inspired by the friendships and connections made in the group that we continue to start up new groups, like the Fertility Support Group for Men we tested this month.
You all inspire and propel us to greater heights! We thank you for your continued support and if we don’t see you beforehand, have a lovely fourth of July!

Laura's Fridge

Back by popular demand, “What Does Your Acupuncturist Eat?” 
This time, we peak into Laura’s fridge to check out what she eats. As a Baby Boomer, raised in the 50’s and 60’s, Laura witnessed a change in how families congregated for meals and the food they ate. “I grew up with TV dinners, Ring Dings, Twinkies, Captain Crunch, Fruit Loops, bologna, white bread, coke and chips,” Laura recounts.
In contrast with the societal shift to processed foods, Laura’s fondest memories include cooking with her grandmother using “real food” to create wholesome meals that filled the home with comforting aromas. Today, sticking to her “whole foods” sensibility, Laura laughs that she may have “too positive a relationship with food.”

If you are hosting a Fourth of July barbecue or even if you’re not, here’s a great recipe for chicken on the BBQ – Noah’s favorite, Beer Can Chicken!
It’s a simple concept. Make a tasty rub for your chicken and keeping it whole, prop it up on an open can of beer over the barbecue. As the chicken cooks the beer simmers inside and the steam cooks the bird from the inside out. This allows the flavor of the beer to gently permeate the meat, simultaneously keeping it succulent and tender.