by Dr. Jill Blakeway, DACM, L.Ac

Autumn 2010:Passing Seasons

Dear All,
It has been a hot but hopefully happy summer for us all.  The seasons pass so quickly for me these days and it is hard to believe that we already are transitioning into the fall. 
Here at the Yinova Center our big news for the fall is that after more than a decade in private practice Noah Rubinstein has joined us and will be running the clinic along side me. Noah is known for his ability to treat musculoskeletal problems and has a long association with Broadway performers and athletes. He also is a specialist in male reproductive and sexual health and brings all these skills to the Yinova Center.  As some of you may know, Noah is also my husband! His joining Yinova makes our center a true family practice serving men, women and children and treating all of the health issues that face today’s modern families.  We are thrilled to have him with us!
As a husband and wife team, we will be featured in W Magazine in an article appearing in the October issue, on the stands mid September. This was the first interview we’ve ever given together and it was a lot of fun.
As we continue to spread the word about health and wellness we are looking forward to hosting a series of healthy living events at our center. The first will be on October 4th when we will be joining forces with with, an exceptional women’s wellness website for an evening discussion about how to enhance fertility and increase libido. If you or anyone you know has questions about these topics we’d love to see you. Space will be limited so log on to for more information and to reserve a seat.
Last spring we held our first fundraising month at Yinova to raise money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. So as we transition into Autumn we would like to celebrate this season of abundance by turning our attention to those less fortunate. During the month of September, the Yinova Center will donate a percentage of each treatment to three charities that are on the ground in Pakistan helping the people who are affected by the horrible floods there. You can read more about CARE, Mercy Corps and Doctors Without Borders on our charity page.
Enjoy the last few days of summer and have a healthy abundant fall season.
– Jill

I love the fall and feel its energy distinctly in my own life. It’s a time where the warming, yang energy of summer dissipates and we transition into the more yin, cooler energy of the fall and winter.
Summers being yang are supposed to be frenetic with travel and movement a priority. Winters being yin should be more slow and nourishing.  Autumn is a time of transition when according to Chinese medicine we should begin to slow down and store energy for the winter months ahead.
It’s a time to boost the immune system to ward of colds and flu and to switch from cooling summer foods to warming winter ones….. Read more about how to prepare for fall here.

I love making Soda Bread – it comes together in a jiffy with the minimum of preparation and can be customized to accommodate the ingredients on hand.
This loaf took about 10 minutes of measuring, mixing and kneading and then spent a further 35 minutes in the oven filling the kitchen with a nice homely baking smell and making my mouth water….. Get the recipe here

Everyone feels anxious sometimes but if you find yourself feeling anxious a lot of the time or are generally anxious without reason you may find it helpful to tell your doctor and enlist the help of an acupuncturist.
The NIH (National Institute of Health) has supported acupuncture as a treatment for anxiety since 1997 and here at the Yinova Center we see many busy New Yorkers who seek our help to deal with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm…. To find out how you can help yourself click here

My husband Noah is joining us here at the Yinova Center and we are grateful to have the benefit of his experience when treating pain.
For more than a decade Noah has treated Broadway performers and athletes using acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat a wide variety of injuries. In this article he shares his knowledge about back pain…. To read more click here