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The Power of Sriracha

It’s Thai. It’s trendy. It gives your food a tangy kick in the taste buds. And you’ve probably heard about it and seen it on the tables of many New York eateries far and wide these days. Sriracha sauce is indeed all that and a bag of…peppers. But there’s more to this sauce than something […]


Hydrate naturally!

It isn’t news to anyone that it is super hot out there. This summer has been more forgiving than last year, but there have still been a fair amount of sweateringly hot days. We wanted to give you some advice on how to hydrate and cool down, naturally! I went around the office and got […]


Eating for your Fertility Type: Stuck

The characteristic qualities of the Stuck type include physical stress manifested in sluggish digestion, hormonal shifts within the menstrual cycle and extra care in promoting healthy blood flow in menstruation.   For these women, Jill suggests a diet that creates internal balance which means sourcing and cooking fresh, whole foods with a daily profile of 60% […]


Eating for your Fertility Type: Pale

This is the first of a five-part series of articles from our Yinova Nutritional Counselor Carlin Greenstein about eating for the fertility types used in Making Babies.


Whole wheat apple and apricot pie

Did you know January is Apple and Apricot month? I personally am a big fan of devoting each month to the celebration of food. Coming off of a holiday season filled with indulgences of all kinds, it’s a good opportunity to highlight some delicious fruits that will benefit your healthy New Year’s eating habits. Apples […]


Eat to avoid migraines + a recipe!

Migraines can be a chronic condition which, for some sufferers, can interfere with daily activities. The cause of migraines varies in each individual, but a common trigger, and possible means of prevention, is diet. Tyramine, an amino acid formed by the breakdown of protein in aged foods, is known to trigger migraines in many individuals. […]