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Varieties of Kale for Every Meal

Kale is definitely one of our favorite vegetables. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it is a culinary and nutritional workhorse in our garden, and we use it for everything from juicing to making chips for snacks. Best of all, we are able to get it in the ground and growing early. Kale […]


The Healing Power of Oregano

Here in New York one of our associations with oregano is the herb in the shakers at the pizza shop. It’s flavorful and goes well with with the garlic powder also offered in these establishments.


Notes from Guatemala

Healer 2 Healer is an international healing exchange that reaches out to indigenous communities in Guatemala. I joined Healer2Healer a few months ago for my second trip with them; this was the 11th visit made by a small group of volunteer practitioners and students of Chinese medicine and Reiki. The intent is to support to the […]