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A Fussy Newborn, Gas & Feedings: What Infant Abdominal Massage can do for you and your baby

Gas. We all get it, we all pass it, we all try to pretend we don’t have it. When your little one, however, starts to display clear signs of pain and discomfort from gas, it becomes an issue of more immediate importance. Not to mention, precious bonding moments as well as the very small amount […]


The Prenatal Question: How to Know which Prenatal is Right for you?

I’m frequently asked which prenatal vitamins are right for women who are trying to conceive or who are already pregnant. There are so many prenatals on the market: it’s no wonder that it can feel daunting trying to pick out which one is the best. Prenatal vitamin formulations can and do vary, but there are […]


Ready to Meet your Baby? These Yoga Poses will Help You Prepare

Whether you’ve had a difficult pregnancy or glided through the last nine months, when the due date comes…you’re ready to see baby.


Events at YinOva: Penelope Jagessar Chaffer

As any regular reader of our blog knows, Jill & I cook with tomatoes a lot. We grow our own during the summer and continue exploring recipes with them when winter comes – often with fresh and canned tomatoes we pick up at the supermarket. Well last night our eyes were opened and we may have […]