by Christopher Farrell, AAGG

GCH: Natural Skincare, Bone Broth, How To Heal Injuries

The second episode of Jill Blakeway’s new podcast GCH (Grow.Cook.Heal.) is now available, along with program notes and recipes on her website!  Jill reflects on why it can feel good to hold on to resentment, but even better to learn how to forgive and also chats with three guests.

The Grow segment focuses on skin care products, which often are more chemical products than agricultural ones, but they don’t have to be, as Carolyn Mix explains.

Jill also visits the Park Slope kitchen of Marisa Aneya, an acupuncturist who specializes in facial rejuvenation to brew up a bath of bone broth, a nutritious food that’s especially rich in collagen, which promotes healthy skin and good digestion.

In her Heal segment, Jill talks to Frank Butler, a martial arts teacher and Chinese medical expert about treatment for sports injuries. While most of us reflexively reach an ice pack to cool and sooth a muscle strain or sprain, Butler explains that the Chinese medical tradition offers an alternative way to deal with the inflammation that results in muscle pain.

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