by Dara Barr, L.Ac.

My pre-cleanse check-in : The YinOva Cleanse 2012

So far, Im enjoying the pre-cleanse. I like the preparatory nature of it. I like the increased flexibility. I can eat less of what I usually eat or less of my ‘newly selected’ foods. This gives my inner rebel a little wiggle room. Having less of the usual means I can still have a latte, perhaps just a smaller one. The food I’m eating is definitely cleaner and simpler but I’m still allowing for a mini-vice while I adjust to the idea of a liquids only cleanse. 

I’ve done this cleanse before and I find myself dreading the lack of food and the high quantity of ‘toxin absorber‘ consumption before it has even begun. A great reminder to BE HERE NOW! I still have a day and half left to chew!

Even still, somehow my senses are heightened already. I smell street food intensely. It smells delicious! The one thing I do recall from the last cleanse was monitoring what smells caught me and which foods I couldn’t wait to have. I kept a list. It helped me reminder my desires were temporary, didn’t need to be acted on immediately and that the fast would not go on forever! Last time it was Indian food. And the texture of ‘crunchy shrimp’!! A very odd desire! But that’s one thing I like about the cleanse; appreciating what I take for granted. The elevated awareness of my environment and intentionality and restraint that comes with choosing to fast.

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