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Treating the Sexual Side Effects of Medication with Chinese medicine

Sexual desire and function are common concerns for our patients at the YinOva Center. In our experience, the causes of sexual dysfunction for both men and women can be caused by biological factors (age, constitution, etc.) or can be the result of prescription medication use. Thankfully, the latter can be very treatable.


How to Have Sex (if you’re trying to conceive).

I’m going to presume you pretty much have a handle on how to have sex. If you’re looking for inspiration, however, I did write a book on this subject. It’s called Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido and you can buy it here or pick up a copy in our center.


Mindful sex

Many of my female patients have trouble reaching orgasm because they get distracted from the business at hand. Fortunately, staying focused is a learned skill— and one of the best ways to start is by meditating.