Nutrient Dense Fat

Do you know what the most essential nutritional element is in the fertility diet? Eating plenty of nutrient dense fat! Many of my clients have looked skeptical when I say this. I always explain that good fat doesn’t make you fat because your body understands how to both break it down but also how to […]


Eating for your Fertility Type: Stuck

The characteristic qualities of the Stuck type include physical stress manifested in sluggish digestion, hormonal shifts within the menstrual cycle and extra care in promoting healthy blood flow in menstruation.   For these women, Jill suggests a diet that creates internal balance which means sourcing and cooking fresh, whole foods with a daily profile of 60% […]


Eating for your Fertility Type: Tired

Three key ways to optimize diet for the Tired type is to maintain balanced blood sugar levels, consume foods for hormonal balance and support thermal digestion using Chinese balancing therapeutic principles. In Making Babies, Jill recommends a breakdown of 50% complex carbohydrates, 30% vegetables and fruits and 20% high quality protein for the Tired woman.