“I’m Pregnant! Now what?!” Nurturing a Healthy Pregnancy

Even when you’ve meticulously planned your journey to pregnancy, arriving at your destination can catch you by surprise. Now that you’re expecting, what’s next?

by Emma Thake

New Year, New View!

Having a New Year’s resolution can be a helpful tool for self improvement … but it can also end up being super stressful, maybe even unnecessarily so. Hear me out! Yes, challenging yourself towards self-improvement can be a good thing, but with so many suggestions flying around, the “thing” that you need to improve on […]


Massage for Muscle and Ligament Strain During Pregnancy

As you may know your hormones affect the muscles and ligaments in preparation for delivery. They become more lax and open which allows the bones to shift throughout the body. When this begins to happen there is a greater strain placed on the muscles causing muscle spasms. Because of this, many times the muscles then […]