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GCH: Natural Skincare, Bone Broth, How To Heal Injuries

The second episode of Jill Blakeway’s new podcast GCH (Grow.Cook.Heal.) is now available, along with program notes and recipes on her website!  Jill reflects on why it can feel good to hold on to resentment, but even better to learn how to forgive and also chats with three guests.

by Sasha Lipton

Choosing Acupuncture Over Accutane

About two years ago, seemingly overnight, something within my body changed. I went from having skin that was consistently smooth and clear to being excited anytime there were only a handful of blemishes on my face. New pimples were appearing on what seemed to be a daily basis, but they were concentrated solely around my […]


It’s all About Balance! The Yin and Yang of Beauty

Taoism is one of the many ancient philosophies of Asia – it’s sometimes called a religion, but really it’s more of a philosophy – and one thread of Taoist thought for 2,000 years has concentrated on the idea that the happiest and best way to live is in harmony with the natural flow of energy […]


Can the Lotus Plant Give you Beautiful Skin?

It looks a bit like a water lily and is the national flower of India. It’s a symbol of purity in both the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. It’s prized for it’s healing properties throughout Asia. It’s the lotus plant!


Ginseng: Getting to the Root

If there’s one Asian herb that everyone has heard of, it’s ginseng – Panax ginseng to give it it’s full name. It’s often thought of as a stimulant, although Ginseng is actually more sophisticated than that. In traditional Chinese herbology, we use it to strengthen digestion, improve lung function, reduce anxiety, and increase energy.


Nourishing Winter Skin

It’s the coldest winter that New York has seen for a while, which makes it a very dry and trying time for our skin. Many of us have to deal with itchy, dry, cracked, and chaffing skin through the cold seasons, and this year is no exception! And for those with chronic skin issue such as […]


A dad’s skin care solution

For a medical professional, the sight of a loved one in pain causes personal agony. Such was the case for Mike Arsenault, an acupuncturist from the north shore of Massachusetts. Shortly after Mike’s daughter Emily was born, her skin began exhibiting painful signs of eczema; a condition that affects an estimated 30 million Americans. 


Beat winter woes

Whether you’re feeling under the weather or the grey days are making you gloomy, we have some tips to winter-proof your body, mellow your mood and soothe aches and sniffles.  Dry SkinMoving from the freezing cold outside into overheated conditions inside can play havoc with your skin leaving it dry and flaky. Using a good […]


How to find a non-toxic sunscreen

Summer’s here and it’s time to revisit the topic of sunscreen here on the Yinova Blog. We all know the importance of sunscreen when it comes to preventing skin damage and protecting skin from cancer, however did you know that most people use either too little sun screen or the wrong kind and may end […]