The Power of Sriracha

It’s Thai. It’s trendy. It gives your food a tangy kick in the taste buds. And you’ve probably heard about it and seen it on the tables of many New York eateries far and wide these days. Sriracha sauce is indeed all that and a bag of…peppers. But there’s more to this sauce than something […]


Clarity and Chinese Herbs

“Does this really work?” That is the sentence I frequently hear as media director for one of the country’s leading acupuncture and Chinese medicine centers. Daily, I am surrounded by seasoned practitioners in a medicine viewed today as an alternative to the norm. As a result of that view, we regularly hear skepticism. It’s not […]


Why you should take extra B vitamins if you use the birth control pill

Years ago doctors used to tell their patients to take extra B vitamins when using oral contraceptives. Like many pieces of medical wisdom this advice has fallen by the wayside and women often don’t know that their birth control pills can be causing vitamin B depletion.