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What is Natural?

In her novel Red Clocks, author Leni Zumas imagines a world in the near future where both abortion and IVF have been outlawed and legislation barring single people from adopting is poised to take effect. The book was inspired by Zumas’ own experience of conceiving a son through IVF, her “wild, sweet, stubborn, beautiful boy.”

by Emma Thake

What You Need to Know About Lubricant if You’re Trying to Conceive

Sexual lubricants, especially scented varieties, can interfere with conception. In general, they are too acidic for the sperm to survive and/or swim well in. In addition, the concentration of salts in the lubricants can cause sperm to either shrink or swell beyond their capacity to perform normally. That being said, if you find that you need […]


Recovering from a Traumatic Loss in Fertility: How to Use Chinese Medicine to Treat Stress and Anxiety

We often talk about how to use acupuncture for assisting women and their partners in the pursuit of fertility but what about when trauma occurs and there is stress in trying to conceive again?


How Acupuncture Can Assist You Through The Egg Freezing Process

Facebook, Apple, and Google are leading the way to a new era of family planning. With an uptick in progressive health insurance plans that cover elective egg freezing, an increasing number of millennials are now considering taking advantage of this new option.


Why Controlling Your Weight Can Help You To Conceive

Are you trying to get pregnant and struggling to conceive? The answer may be easier than you think.


Should Your Partner Be Coming in For Fertility Treatments As Well?

Recently a fertility patient of mine asked me if her husband should consider treatment.


Sleep & Your Reproductive Clock

Believe it or not your sleep, or lack thereof, may be a contributing factor to some of the difficulties you may be having trying to conceive. The central circadian pacemakers in the SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus), the body’s “internal clock”, set daily rhythms based on light information from the surrounding environment. New research published in the […]


Could Insomnia Be Affecting Your Fertility?

You may already know that sleep is important to your health, and surely you’ve experienced how vital it is to your state of mind. As it turns out, it is also valuable for fertility; lack of sleep can play a role in infertility.


How To Use An Ovulation Predictor Kit

Here at the YinOva Center we’re experts when it comes to fertility counseling. We teach our patients how to know when they’re ovulating and the best times to have sex if they’re trying to conceive.


How To Know When You Are Most Fertile (by Monitoring Your Fertile Cervical Mucus)

“How can I pinpoint when I’m ovulating?” Something that patients ask us all the time here at the YinOva Center.  And this is what we tell them….


Gearing Up For Family Gatherings When You Are Coping With Infertility

The days are shorter and darker. Store fronts slowly transform into sparkly and seemingly mocking displays of joy and good tidings. Emails and phones buzz as family gatherings are organized. The end of another calendar year begins to draw near. It is the holiday season. A time of year filled with emotion; for many those […]


Why It’s Important To Be Sensitive When Asking About Kids

Emily Bingham, of Michigan, gained a lot of attention because of a Facebook post, about fertility, that went gone viral. In it, Emily explains why people might want to show some sensitivity and not ask others why they do not have kids. 

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