How to beat those Autumn Blues

The Fall Equinox is just around the corner: it’s time to say goodbye to summer and welcome in the autumn. Soon the leaves will change colors and we’ll trade in our flip-flops and shorts for long pants and jackets.


Nature’s rhythms: Today’s spring equinox and the traditional 5 elements.

 “Beneath the light, the river and hills are beautiful, The spring breeze bears the fragrance of flowers and grass. The mud has thawed, and swallows fly around. On the warm sand, mandarin ducks are sleeping.” -Du Fu (Classical Chinese Poet of the Tang Dynasty 712–770 AD) Spring has sprung, as they say, and today’s equinox […]


What Type are you? The 5 elements.

Do you prefer soft floating fabrics or something more structured and formal? Do you love being by water or prefer walking in the country? Are you quick to anger or someone who keeps things bottled up? Are you naturally lean and muscular or is your body more curvy and rounded? Do you come alive in the summer sun or […]