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I noticed the above quote, attributed to author Michael Altshuler, while walking by a school last week. I found myself thinking about these words and how they related to and were reflective of what we discuss every week during the Women’s Infertility Support and Resource Group at the Yinova Center. (more…)

I have always loved fall. I look forward to it each year, not because it draws us closer to another frigid New York winter (let us hope not as brutal as our last), but because it so often feels, for me, to be an opportunity to start anew and afresh, with an open mind and heart to new opportunities and possibilities, even more so than the making of resolutions in celebration of a new year. (more…)

The women’s support group continues to serve as a source of strength and support among its members. And, as the facilitator, I continue to feel fortunate and humbled by the opportunity to lead this group. There is a quote I was recently reminded of by C.S. Lewis on the topic friendship, and it reminds me of what takes place in group each cycle, and indeed each week, without fail. In Four Loves, he writes:  (more…)

I continue to be very humbled by, and grateful for, the opportunity to be the facilitator of the women’s support group at the Yinova Center. I also continue to be impressed and often even taken aback by the strength of the women who attend. Above all, their commitment not only to becoming parents, but also to each other displays that strength I admire. (more…)

Another cycle of the women’s support group begins Monday, July 30th, and will run for six weeks. I hope you will consider joining us. As I have mentioned in my previous blog entries, no topic is off limits in this group. Everything is discussed. Fertility. Pregnancy. Marriage. Miscarriage. Work. Relationships. Loss. Hope. Fear. Sex. To name a few. (more…)

More than just an infertility support group, the support group at the Yinova Center is now more broadly described and understood by its members as, above all, a women’s support group. It’s where women can come together to talk, yes, about infertility but also about pregnancy, miscarriage, marriage, work, relationships, and more. (more…)

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