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Recently a fertility patient of mine asked me if her husband should consider treatment. (more…)

When we’re trying to conceive, we all know it is important to eat well. We at Yinova recommend certain foods for different fertility types, you an find out your type here, but in general, it is best to eat a broad range of whole, organic foods: lots of vegetables and fruit (in all colors!), healthy carbs (in the form of legumes, root vegetables and whole grains), and protein (including organic grass-fed animal protein, fish, and vegetable proteins like soy & legumes). But there’s another group of foods essential to our health and fertility, that often gets overlooked – or worse, vilified. FATS. (more…)

Dear Yinova Family, 

My name is Katy Hogan, and I am a board-certified practitioner of Chinese medicine and a licensed acupuncturist in the state of New York.  I am joining the Yinova Center as of April 19th, and I will be seeing patients on Sundays (10am-2pm) and Wednesdays (8am-12pm, beginning May 6th).  As I get settled in, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and tell each of you how excited I am to be joining the Yinova Center. Jill and Noah and the entire Yinova team have welcomed me so warmly that I wanted to reach out and share that wholehearted enthusiasm with all of you.  (more…)

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