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Here at Yinova, we are dedicated to putting integrative care within your reach and giving you the power to take your health in hand. We do this by using any combination of the tools that Chinese medicine offers us as practitioners. From Acupuncture to gua sha, chinese herbal formulas to nutritional advice, cupping to dietary guidance – each of these modalities can be used to play an integral role in your healing process.

While acupuncture is our main service here at Yinova, I’d like to shine a light specifically on herbs. Chinese herbal formulas are an important part of what we do here at Yinova because they act as the building blocks that support your healing as well as our acupuncture treatments. Herbs can build blood, clear out mucus and help create changes internally, both physiologically or hormonally.

That’s why I am thrilled to share with you that we are adding Herbal Consultations to our services. Whether you’re new to Yinova, skeptical about acupuncture, or already a patient here, know someone who’d like to give us a try, there is so much that these consultations can offer.

Our Herbs

Here at Yinova, we believe that the efficacy of an herbal formula depends on the quality of the herbs that go into it. That’s why we put a lot of effort into sourcing the highest grade herbs from reputable growers. We blend our own herbal formulas in-house, which means we ensure quality control at every step.

It also means that we are able to compound customized formulas for you with a selection drawn from hundreds of herbs. Our combinations are based on classical herbal formulas that we modify to meet individual needs. With our broad herbal range we are able to provide effective formulas that do not require intensive preparation and are easy to take.

Herbal Consultations

In these dedicated herbal consultations, you will have the chance to speak with one of our expert and board certified practitioners about your short and long term health goals. You’ll discuss any therapies, treatments, medications and/or supplements you have already tried, both on your own or with other providers.

Based on this in-depth look at your current health, your practitioner will then provide you with a guided health plan tailored to your unique needs.

(If you are already a patient here, it’s worth mentioning that these consultation won’t provide you with different herbs than you would receive during an acupuncture treatment, what they will offer you is the opportunity to dive deeper.)

At the end of you’re session you will leave with a prescribed custom herbal formula (however, please note, that you may not receive a formula if you are on a specific medication that won’t react well with herbs), as well as with advice on any lifestyle or dietary changes they think might help you. They can also guide you towards which supplements might be a good fit for you!

These sessions will act as a chance to dive into the world of herbs alongside one of our experienced practitioners. Whether you’ve ever been curious about the herbs you’ve been taking already or would like to try herbs before you try acupuncture, this consultations should both provide you with a clear health plan as well as a deeper understanding of the medicine we use.

You can schedule an Herbal Consultation online or by calling our front desk team. Currently, this service is being offered by Noah Rubinstein, myself and Amanda Silver. Right now, this service is only being offered by a few of our practitioners, but stay tuned as this expands!

You can book an appointment online or by calling the Front Desk.

If you’ve ever been to see an acupuncturist, you’ve likely received advice to steer clear of cold foods. This can be a tough pill to swallow, especially for people who love salads and iced drinks (venti cold brew, anyone?) The good news is that there are definitely some things that you can do to balance out the cold so that you don’t have to live in a world of beef stew when all you really want is a crisp kale salad.

What’s the deal with avoiding consuming all things cold?

When it comes to what we consume there are two kinds of cold: Thermal Cold (right out of the fridge) and Energetic Cold (think of raw foods.) Both types of cold cause vasoconstriction in our digestive systems (which is why you can’t just leave your salad on the kitchen counter for a couple of hours to bring it to room temperature as it’s still raw!) Consuming cold/raw foods can make things more difficult for our bodies to digest and when this happens to the mucous membranes that line our digestive system, we produce more mucus.

When excess mucus is produced in one mucous membrane, other mucous membranes follow suit. There are mucous membranes in lots of different places like our sinus cavities, vaginal canal, stomach, uterine lining and lungs so this domino effect can have a big impact. A good way to keep all of our mucous membranes healthy is to keep circulation optimal by avoiding overly mucus producing foods, like cold or raw foods.

So does this mean that you can’t have salad, a crisp apple, or frozen yogurt? Nope!

Here is a list of things you can do to mitigate the effects of both thermally or energetically cold foods:

  • When you do have a salad, it’s a great idea to gently massage the greens with an acidic liquid like lemon or lime juice. This has a similar effect as lightly steaming: it makes the leaves “warmer” and therefore less mucus producing.
  • While you’re massaging the salad leaves, put on the tea kettle. Pairing your cold food with a hot drink is a great way to balance yin and yang.
  • If you’re all about smoothies or juicing, include a bit of ginger in it to energetically warm things up a little.

  • Add aromatic warming spices to cold foods. (Hint: Cinnamon and cardamom greek yogurt is delicious!)
  • When you are eating a traditional cuisine (such as Japanese) consume it the way it is traditionally served. Many combinations that exist within traditional food pairings take into consideration the balancing of overly cold foods. For example, miso soup is always served before sushi. Tasty as miso soup is, there is a deeper reason for it’s presence. Not only does it warm the stomach, but it also adds probiotics to aid in the digestion of cold raw fish.

Finally, be sure to consider the recommendation within a larger context. While we want you to be as healthy as possible, we also want you to be as happy as possible. In Chinese medicine, it’s all about finding that balance.

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