This is an oasis for women where we can be properly treated for long term health and well-being. I am so lucky to have found this place!”

- Andrea  /Google

When I need to reset and recharge, I go to Yinova for acupuncture. Everyone who works there is a joy to be around, and the work is second to none. Noah, Jill, Emma, and the rest of the crew at Yinova are all consummate professionals that will do anything they can to help you achieve whatever it is you’re looking for in eastern medicine; thanks for all you do, guys!!”

- Matt/Facebook

Best acupuncture I’ve ever had. I was referred by my sister and continuously refer friends and coworkers every chance I get. They are so knowledgeable and whether I’m having trouble with sleep, anxiety or headaches, I know I can count on Yinova to center me. Highly recommend if you are looking for an acupuncturist or a team of the best in the biz!!!”

- Ashley/Yelp

I went to Yinova for my first ever acupuncture session and had the pleasure of having Noah as my acupuncturist. The experience was fantastic and painless.

Not knowing much about the full benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Noah went over in detail everything I needed to know. We went over some issues I’ve been having and how acupuncture can help resolve pain, stress & more.

Coming out of my 1st session, I felt more stress-free & relaxed then I have in quite some time. Now it’s understandable why they’re known to be the top acupuncture center in NYC. I will definitely be back for more sessions.”


- Jason/Google

I truly believe this place is a big part of the reason that I am now the mom of a beautiful 7-month old!! Most of my sessions were with Noah, and he is kind, gentle, engaged, and so supportive. Thank you, Noah and Yinova!!”

- Erin/Facebook

I’ve been coming to Yinova for about a year now, and I seriously can’t recommend them enough! Noah Rubinstein especially is such a great practitioner. I had spent years trying everything under the sun to help with my insomnia (medication, noise machines, etc…) and after only a few weeks of seeing Noah I have been sleeping better than I ever have in my life!!!!!!”

- Kate/Google

My experience at the Yinova Center last week was an ideal acupuncture experience. This was only my second experience with acupuncture and I was nervous but the front staff was both knowledgeable and warm. They led me to a very calm waiting room that helped set the tone of rest of the experience.

The entire The practitioners at Yinova were extremely courteous and talented. Mine, Noah, started with a very calm series of questions that helped me feel centered in the space and then some thoughtful questions on what ailed me. This type of care is not typical either of my previous experience or experience with western medicine. Contrary to one`s ideas about acupuncture the experience is totally painless and, daresay, a little pleasurable.

I left my treatment that day feeling calmer and healthier.

I highly recommend the experience not just for the treatment but also for calm practices that they teach you.” 


- Arianne/Yelp

Yinova has beautiful energy and a very skilled and compassionate staff. It is a soothing respite from the ordinary offering phenomenal complementary healing services. You must experience it…your mind, body, & spirit will be glad that you did.”

- Diana/Facebook

After being recommended by a patient from Yinova, I had my own great experience. I FINALLY found my go-to acupuncturist in the city. I moved earlier in the year from California and have been to a few clinics but they weren’t the right fit. At Yinova, I found Noah and he is amazing – kind and warm; and skilled at what he does. The office staff is super friendly too. I bought a pack of ten because I was so happy with the service. And it’s super easy to book online. I normally wouldn’t travel this far out of my neighborhood for acupuncture, but this is totally worth it. I’ve heard all the practitioners there are good, but I’m going to stick with Noah!”

- Amy/Yelp

Hands down, the best acupuncture clinic in NYC. They’re very knowledgeable and make the entire session super comfortable.”

- Joanna/Google

What’s unique about Jill and Noah is their knowledge and understanding of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. The patients I referred to them have had a true healing experience. Their treatments go way beyond just treating symptoms, its life changing!” 

- Stuart/Facebook

After well over a decade of living in NYC, I can say this is one of my favorite businesses. Probably because it doesn’t feel like a business.


  • Warm, expert practitioners who go far beyond expectations to make you feel taken care of and looked after
  • Outstanding treatment
  • Lovely facility

More detail about my experience:

I usually prefer that service providers (doctors, spas, restaurants) be within walking distance of my apartment, but I happily subway it down to Union Square every week to the Yinova Center.

I first went because I was having a health challenge and two different (unrelated) friends BOTH recommended that I go see Jill Blakeway, who founded the Yin0va Center. She is renowned for her dedication and work on women’s health issues.

The facility is lovely. The waiting room in the back is like an oasis, but don’t expect to be there long, as I have never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment…never enough time to finish my herbal tea. It is the kind of place where even the hand soap smells nice.

Jill doesn’t do initial consultations, so I booked with someone else. I recommend looking through the online profiles of the practitioners and choose someone who you relate to. It is a very detailed first assessment; they ask you all kinds of questions, and take notes on iPads.

I could not be happier with my treatments. Every issue I have had has been resolved. I truly looked forward to my weekly appointments. I did a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I was skeptical at first of the herbs, but they actually seem to have helped.

Most importantly, I feel like Yinova and Jill are really looking after me and cares about my ongoing health. This is not just due to how warm and attentive she can be during our sessions, but lots of other things as well. For example, immediately following Hurricane Sandy, when all my other appointments were cancelled, YinOva stayed open, even without power (they operated by candle light), so that they could treat the women who were on weekly schedules. I rollerbladed 60 blocks just to get there! Another time, I was having some separate problems and had to cancel two appointments in a row, and Jill personally contacted me to check if everything was ok. In this big city, knowing that someone is thinking of you and looking after you is rare and very special.

I have already recommended Yinova to dozens of my friends, and I recommend it to you without reservation.

*Update: I originally wrote this review around 2014. Since then, I feel like Yinova has only improved. I still try to visit around once a month, and I’ve always walked out feeling much better than when I walked in.”


- Stephanie/Google

This place and the people in it are amazing! I’ve only been 1 time but I am hooked and can’t wait for my next and continued appointments! Feeling so amazing and so positive!”

- Galit/Facebook

I owe a huge thank you to Katy Hogan at the Yinova Center for helping me to conceive the handsome baby boy that I am holding in my arms right now.  Years of hormonal birth control use had destroyed the natural balance in my body and my cycle was non-existent. I came to Katy hoping that she would be able to restore my cycle in hopes of eventually getting pregnant.  My first appointment was 8/30/17 and by mid-September I was pregnant. Her skill in acupuncture and knowing exactly which herbs I needed helped to prepare my body, and my husband and I conceived our son naturally on my first cycle since coming off birth control.  I continued to see Katy through my first trimester for nausea and to promote a healthy pregnancy. I went to see her again at 37 weeks to begin to prepare for delivery. I spontaneously delivered a healthy 9lb 4oz baby boy the day after my due date, without complication.  Thank you Katy and the Yinova Center for helping me become a Mom!”

- Milea/Yelp

I have been going to Jill for 12 years for a variety of health issues and she is not only a genius with acupuncture and Chinese medicine but also a wonderful person.  My health has improved dramatically and I feel that I’m working more towards preventative maintenance rather than crisis intervention. The entire staff at the YinOva Center are lovely and professional, and my trips there are one of the highlights of my month.  You are in very caring and capable hands with everyone who works there!”

- Suzanna/Google

It’s no joke when I say I instantly feel more calm and relaxed once I step foot into Yinova.  The soothing music, warm decor, dim lights, sound machines, and pleasant smiles from all the staff puts me in a peaceful state of mind.  I’ve been coming to Yinova for more than three years now. I’m pretty sure the acupuncture treatment played a huge role in helping me to get pregnant and also to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.  I’ve also come to get treatment for backaches as well. Amanda Silver is amazing, helpful, and determined to make you feel better.”

- Mandy/Yelp

I suffer with severe chronic migraines and it was a real blessing for me to discover the Yinova center in Manhattan. The practitioners are very skilled, the personal kind and welcoming and the atmosphere is relaxing and charming. I mostly saw a therapist called Daryl, who had a very good and deep understand of my energetic, neurological, muscular and vascular body. Seeing her would help me each and every time. And whenever I had.the opportunity to get a session during an upcoming crisis, this really would allow my pain to stop increasing and even to calm down, helping me to detox from triptans and traditional medication for a long while.”

- Simona/Google

Jill Blakeway is not just NYC’s No. 1 fertility goddess. She is an extraordinarily gifted healer who rescued me from a pernicious head injury and succeeded where multiple neurologists failed. And because she really embraces Traditional Chinese Medicine’s holistic approach to healing, she also facilitated a remarkable degree of emotional healing as well. Plus the Yinova Center itself is an oasis of peacefulness and warmth — immaculate and refreshing. Run — don’t walk — and get yourself some healing!

- AVRyan/CitySearch

A treasure!! Jill lives up to her legendary reputation as the “Fertility Goddess,” and her passion for her practice is unmistakeable. My treatment goals were accomplished- and in a shorter time period than expected!! These ladies know what they are doing. Important to note is the lovely atmosphere and superb staff. Every person I have encountered is accommodating, considerate, and supportive.”

- Maura E./CitySearch

The staff at Yinova is so warm and friendly and the atmosphere relaxing and peaceful. Amanda Silver treated me for fertility issues for over a year, and now as a new mother I am eternally grateful to her. She provided expert treatment but also was very caring and compassionate, helping me through a difficult time. She paid much more attention to my questions and concerns than any of my traditional doctors.”

- Heather1017/CitySearch

Noah at the Yinova Center provided immediate relief from the pain of a slipped disc–but my acupuncture treatments have yielded tremendous benefits beyond that as well. The weekly acupuncture sessions have helped me follow through on those changes necessary for better health and [I] have lost 40 pounds in less than 5 months. I’m not sure how much results from the physical effects of acupuncture and how much from Noah’s compassionate and incisive attention, but I’m convinced I wouldn’t have made such progress without the treatment.”

- Chris1957/CitySearch

Jill and her team not only offer their expertise in acupuncture and eastern medicine, they are also compassionate, caring confidants. They immediately made me feel at ease discussing sensitive medical information, and helped me through many moments of confusion and frustration. Her team is thorough in their assessments before sessions begin, as well as in their follow-up questions and treatments. Equally important, they are sensitive, incredibly skilled listeners, and true healers.

- Kathleen/Google

The facility is lovely. The waiting room in the back is like an oasis, but don’t expect to be there long, as I have never waited more than 5 minutes for my appointment…never enough time to finish my herbal tea. It is the kind of place where even the hand soap smells nice.

- Elise/Yelp

Jill and the Yinova center pick up where regular medicine leaves off. [They] are my secret weapon to everything health related, from allergies to babies to weight loss, and everything in between. Jill and her staff are skilled professionals, [and they are] genuinely caring, warm and trustworthy. Whenever I’m there I feel like I’m being taken care of by my friends or family.”

- Nicole/Google